Trucker protests: it is difficult to say the impact on the Italian chaos. But the problem is there

Today the strike was held with slowing down to 30 then, .. of the truckers against the Green pass. It worked? There are many slowdown images on the web:

This was a map of the delays along the network today at 11 am:

And many social messages, of which we provide a short, and not exhaustive, example:

The problem of such a protest also shows:

In a motorway system that has not seen serious investments for decades, with Florence permanently surrounded by traffic, Liguria being a disaster, this protest is likely to go unnoticed when one has become accustomed to biblical queues. In Liguria 30 per hour are a dream for truckers and a shame for Autostrade per l? Italia. However, the problem exists and not just. From 15 October the Green pass will be mandatory, and there are few vaccinated truck drivers, in a sector already at the limit for its ability to meet the needs of logistics, including essential goods. Are we sure that we want to leave a few thousand at home, thus risking to blow up the entire logistics network? Has anyone in Rome thought of it?

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