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Seal Team 6 frees American hostages in Niger. Meanwhile, the Italian sailors are still prisoners in Benghazi …

The Pentagon announced on Saturday that US special forces have carried out a daring rescue operation of a US citizen who had been taken hostage earlier this week by an armed group in Niger.

It was reportedly led by the SEAL Team more than elite among the US special forces, which in media reports is often referred to as SEAL Team 6 (although it has other names within the JSCOC).

The precise identity of the kidnapping group is unclear, however, current US official statements suggest that they were not an organized terrorist group, but rather "bandits" seeking ransom. The American was later taken by the group across the border into northern Nigeria, where special forces rescued him.

The dangerous border region is known for the presence of al Qaeda and Boko Haram, linked to the Islamic State. The State Department earlier this week reported that an American had been captured on Tuesday. Subsequent reports identified the man as a missionary named Philip Walton.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the US citizen was recovered and safe, and that no US personnel were injured during the rescue.

Congratulations to the United States and the SEAL teams, who, with minimal preparation, in a hostile and little known territory, managed to successfully intervene by freeing an innocent. In the meantime, our 18 sailors are prisoners in Benghazi by Haftar's men, in the utter disinterest of our government, too committed to the DPCM to take care of the Italians really in danger. In the Libyan quadrant, meanwhile, Al Sarraj, the Turkish puppet president in the west, resigned and remained in office, a bit head of the government, a bit prisoner in a stall governed by Erdogan, Russians and Egypt, from which only transpires the total inability of our government.

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