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China as a victim rather than an organized executioner. The new monsters between us and the lost West …

The new monsters are among us, the new monsters are us. Addicted, mutants. Covid our fault, of us humans who do not respect the planet, nature, astral conjunctions. We Western humans, let's be clear, China, the world's greatest polluter and inventor of the virus, has nothing to do with it. As claimed by that horoscopist with a reputation as an intellectual, certainly Zakaria, "one of the 21 most influential in the world", and let alone the others, who, interviewed by Tg1 grillino, makes the leap of the quail and says – more or less – that Covid is the fault ours and we must vote for Biden even if Trump's followers will go out and kill everyone because they are like that. And who is interviewing him who, instead of making him the mad gesture, perhaps gets agitated, who knows, shivering with pleasure. But no, Zakaria, the virus is not due to a punishment of magical naturalism, it is a Chinese creation, escaped or freed from a Chinese laboratory, hidden by the Chinese communist dictatorship, capable of benefiting the economy of Chinese communist capitalism, useful for shattering that what remains of national cohesion in Europe, hence Chinese neo-colonialism.

China as a victim rather than an organized executioner. Poor China, agreed it will not be a perfect democracy but we have to understand, America is worse, the West is worse, see how they have been able to tame the pandemic, rigging the data, hiding the dead, and why not us? Woe to gossip about China, whether you like it or not, we are, we will be his stuff, China is close, it has arrived, we might as well understand and rejoice.

Other hideous creatures, zombies, monsters that eat. The Covid mysterious object, of which after a year nothing is known but that's okay, it must go like this, virologists have proved to be a category of monsters too, hungry for ragged notoriety, they eat each other, and in the meantime nobody knows, understands, foresees, provides; the vaccine is a year that is imminent but it is not seen, now they say perhaps in the middle of next year, the communication entrusted to a gossippare couple, and there is one in fregola who re-reads, who makes his own the delirium of a stranger all happy to enjoy the spectacle of the sick who fall like flies, popcorn and case of beers, "like in Sweden". But in Sweden there are few and sparse deaths, masks are not needed, the more they impose them and the more infections rise, but the infected are not sick, they are asymptomatic and the new fashion is to go on television or on the internet and say: "I'm sick but I didn't know it, I feel great, bursting with health". A big round of applause. And would you die of this? The usual zealous da regimetto, the pop stars sent to the great manger of Sanremo, say in exchange that this would be the greatest death of humanity, but if you go to see the official data of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, you find that the average age is around 82 and for patients with at least three or four previous pathologies, so fragile that a cold was enough to crush them. But the little guys in fregola insist with their curious self-promotional propaganda, they put the photo with the friend Conte who could not say better, civil consciences who park calmly astride the places for the disabled and, when asked, do not respond, block the harassers.

The new monsters feed the state propaganda: all happy for the rain lockdowns , all grateful, grateful but the reporter insists on his little social experiments and finds a lunar reality: "What balls' is this mask", I throw there at the supermarket checkout and it is a roar, a bellow of exasperated people, don't tell me about it, I broke my balls, it's useless, they do it only for political calculation. The fateful people will not be informed, they will also have an approximate idea of ​​the mechanisms of power but the gist is grasping it and the gist is what Franceschini made to understand: "Both the lockdown will be there and we won". To say it is useless to discuss and Conte is now cooked. The logic of the war from middle school and the we would be him who gives the climb to the Democratic Party and that other, Speranza, the obscure Politburo official who makes a book to say that we will heal and the very day of the release makes him withdraw because it must declare that the contagion is unstoppable and expects new total closures. At the Festival of Optimism, our prime minister shows up and says that, when the situation goes to the precipice, it is necessary to stop everything, which is the catastrophe. And here we are at the new monsters as grotesque comedy and a tad sinister.

More grim and slay the monsters that run quietly by taking their heads off their necks. But do not panic, they are accidents along the way that we "sought" and woe to those who call them by their name, he is a racist, one who does not distinguish, one who foments, the real cutthroat is him. Police minister Lamorgese said, one who only in this era of new monsters can still stay where she is: "But Tunisia didn't warn us." They decapitate by the day, by the hour, but the antidote or, if you prefer, the vaccine is excellent and abundant: chalks, whining in the circle and “we are all professors, comedians”, all to say we can't care less. Moreover, not even the tenant of the Vatican can care less.

This West has taken and given everything, it has invented philosophy and art, culture and heresy, religious wars and secularism, communism and liberalism, isisms and nihilism, the inquisition and the cult of doubt, total wars and perennial peace, nation states and overhangs that crush them, has created literature, science, eternal music, rock, technology, savage pollution and the best technology that toxicity, modern diseases and the drugs that fight them, and other diseases, other ways of dying and other drugs and remedies in a frenzied, indomitable race. Now he seems powerless, bogged down, he has devised the machines that were supposed to make our life more beautiful, easier but a virus, a Chinese monster, has got in the way and the machines serve to divide us, to alienate us, to defeat us; the rest are done by the cutthroats who must not be discussed, nor stopped, nor seen. Cities are conquered, statues crumbled, museums destroyed, consciences gagged. On the streets, armies of masks advance compactly in a present beyond the nightmare, no smiles, no faces, only eyes all the same, only masks, we are masks, no longer human, masks over masks. There is nothing left to defend, neither rock, nor the air we breathe, nor our eyes, nor secularism, nor the founding religiosity, nor our spirituality. The West has lost, is lost …

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