The countries the rich are leaving from

What are the countries from which the rich flee the most? If you have money, which countries would you like to leave? Thanks to an infographic by Statista we can see from which places money is running away with their legs, and you will have a confirmation that in any case freedom and personal guarantees have the characteristic of being able to attract wealth.

If we can imagine that the rich are fleeing the UK and France due to tax conditions, the same cannot be said for China, Russia, India and Hong Kong. Above all, the Chinese territory sees a high flight of the rich compared to the population, people seeking freedom and personal security. in which countries do the greatest number of rich people move? In first place is Australia (16,000 rich new arrivals), especially for those from the Far East, followed by the United States (10800) and Switzerland (4000),

If you give wealth to legs, then start using it

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