THE EU? A “Franco-German Oligarchy” according to the Polish Prime Minister. A quick course in realism for Meloni

Giorgia Meloni tries to acquire a moderate appearance, even meeting the former Minister of Ecological Transition Cingolani. She probably thinks she will be able to be accepted in the European salons, but, free of charge, we offer her as a guide the words of the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, who is among other things supported by the Polish party PiS, his ally in the EU. .

The words of the Polish politician were clear: the EU is democratic in name only, with Germany and France exercising real and total power ignoring the voices that had warned against the risk posed by Russia.

In an article published Wednesday in the German newspaper Die Welt, Mateusz Morawiecki wrote that " Europe is in the current situation not because it is not sufficiently integrated, but because it has refused to listen to the truth ".

Morawiecki said the EU has not heeded his country's warnings about Russian expansionism under the political rule of Berlin and Paris in the bloc, but the Polish premier said much more: “ On paper, all member states are equal "" But the political reality shows that the weight of the German and French voices is dominant. We are dealing with a formal democracy, but with a de-facto oligarchy, where power is held by those who are the strongest “.

Morawiecki said that "the threat of imperialism inside the EU" must be fought just like Russian imperialism on the outside " . He then urged the reforms to bring "the common good and equality back to the top of EU principles".

" It is the Member States and not the EU institutions that have to decide the direction and priorities of EU action ," he added. The action of the eu should not be based on the domination of the strongest, but on the conquest of consensus, which the Polish premier does not see working.

The Commission is controlled by France and Germany, in turn controlled by political forces totally opposed to Meloni. Nothing is more politically opposed to FdI than the French "Liberals" and the German Semaphore coalition, and everything is grafted into a Nordic and Social Democratic Commission, which sees FdI as smoke and mirrors. Even if she took Speranza and Letta as ministers, she would still be seen with extreme hostility and strong prejudice. The Polish lesson is very simple: one must not be moderate, but strong and steadfast in one's convictions.

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