In the past few days Coldiretti has informed us with two data that only one faces the other:

  • in 2020, 4 million Italians had to ask for food aid to get by, a figure that doubled compared to the previous year. Among the weakest categories of the poor, 21% are children under the age of 15, almost 9% are elderly over 65 and 3% are homeless. The new poor include new unemployed people, small traders, people who were employed in illegal jobs, artisans and other categories affected by the various lockdowns;
  • and here is the other side of the same coin, with 9.6 billion wines and food products not sold because they have not found space in the catering supply chain. After all, the decrease in turnover in the sector was equal to 48% and affected a very important supply chain that employs 3.8 million people.

All this is the result of the government's alternate day lockdown policies, which have created nothing but fear, chaos and disinformation. Sacrifices were made in the fall to save Christmas, and to be rewarded by an almost total closure until the Befana. After ? Virtually nothing is known. Perhaps we will continue with alternate day lockdowns that seem to be done to depress people and consumption.

Conte does not know what to do, he sails on sight without ideas, interested only in his own permanence in power which, however, he manages to maintain not for some capacity, but only for chance, on the one hand, and on the other for the protections mentioned enjoys high up, in the various hills. For 6 months, the miraculous qualities of vaccines, the incredible ability of the commission in purchasing hundreds of millions of vials, the incredible ability of the Civil Protection and Arcuri in organizing all the related logistics with pavilions etc, were praised, only to discover that:

  • there are not enough vaccines, at 60,000 vaccinations a day, like January 4th, it will take two years to vaccinate 70% of the population;
  • vaccines have very serious contraindications and are experimental. So we will know the actual effectiveness and any long-term damage only after;
  • there is no real vaccination plan, you can navigate on sight;
  • almost nothing has been done to improve symptomatic treatment.

Now His Excellency the Advocate Professor Conte, between one phone call and the next to keep his government up and running with the sound of "Managers" of all possible and imaginable parties, can inform the Italians of what the decisions of the "Guided from Science ”, a new secular divinity, who is not driving anything at all. What do you intend to do, close the Italians at home until next Christmas as a guy named Pregliasco would like? Does it intend to put another 4 million Italians to starvation? Do you think about finding new ways, or about accepting the risks and letting people choose their own lives?

Ambition in itself is not a sin, indeed it is a natural push, but it becomes a disaster when guided by inadequate skills. It is now clear that Conte's ambition is not adequate to the means, a bit like those kings who close their own dynasties for their own inability, Una specie di Valentinian III in sixteenth. But until the Quirinale and the Italians will accept this deadly threat, much more than covid-19?

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