Would you hand over your most intimate data to Von Der Leyen?

Among the various horrors contained in the State of the Union recited unwillingly by the President of the Commission Von Der Leyen, the Antidiplomatist notes one that many have overlooked but which deserves your attention for the potential dangers it can bring in the future. Would you trust to provide your health data, the most secret ones to Von Der Leyen? Would you buy a used car from her?

Today there was the speech on the "state of the Union" by von der Leyen where it was said among other things that we must proceed towards "European health care".

I say this for the foolish listening: you do not even dream that it means that Italians will have German-level healthcare. It is telemedicine, the sharing of bio-health data of all of us and many other things that will be done through the use of the blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Biopower at the highest levels given to an undemocratic institution and without any guarantee for the individual. We don't talk about it at all.

Tell the Countess von der Leyen what she wants …

To give our biomedical parameters and their monitoring in real time in the hands of an undemocratic entity (and dominated by a foreign power, Germany) without guarantee and where countries that have different ethical positions also operate (think of the euthanasia of the Dutch) is madness, it means giving the right to life and death and freedom to the first one who passes by (indeed, the first one who passes by can also be good for you. Giving it to the EU means giving it to Mengele's grandchildren).

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