50,000 defective drones withdrawn from the market: they had begun to nest

Rivol (TA) – Ricurdemu all with terror the day that the AI of Facebook, the esperimentu of 'artificial intelligence institutionalization by Mark Zuckerberg, is stopped quickly because the 2 chatbots, Alice and Bob, have called for he puts 'agreement on the division of some objects, they began to speak to each other in an absolutely unknown computer language, similar to Bari, which excluded programmers from controlling the experiment by forcing them to disconnect computers. But above all by reporting in collective memory the tragic events of Terminator 1 and 2.

For at least 30 years, the largest IT giants in the world have always tried to create bots capable of communicating and reasoning with humans, trying to develop software capable of learning from the interlocutor and consequently imitating him, self-updating to be more and more “human”.

In Russia, in 2007 a military technology program (also participating in Italy) called the OSEI project to develop mini drones, little more than a swallow, was funded, capable of performing extremely precise operations, such as home raids. , intimidation personal revenge.

Flight software has been developed to improve travel by “imitating” birds, copying their flight paths, choosing altitude based on climatic conditions and meticulously choosing places to release shit. Unfortunately the variables in nature were too many and the project never managed to “take off”, the first specimens in fact broke their wings to try to clean them.

The OSEI project was finally abandoned in 2014 when it was replaced by much more effective software, which mimicked Americans. The software patent was sold to a Chinese robotics and bioengineering giant for 2 deadly viruses and 100 million vaccines and was used on “gaming” drones intended for gaming purposes.

Unfortunately, however, the software was not even designed to take into account the desire to start a family. In fact, more and more consumers are complaining that their drones land on trees, in some cases even transferring twigs, bolts and USB keys.

Thousands of complaints received from customer service have greatly worried the company, which to curb the collapse of the stock market has been forced to withdraw from the market 50 thousand copies of mini-drones, worth about 2 billion dollars: he will be trained not to start a family by leaving them in contact with Lapo Elkann for a month.

Vittorio Lattanzi

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