Voter M5S hits Grillo eight days after the video

Bibbona – Eight days have passed since the release of the video where Beppe Grillo appears to be defending, after the 5 Star Movement , another group of children. In particular, he totally exonerates his son Ciro, accused of sexual violence against a girl. There is an elector of the Movement who in these eight days has been silent, has not wanted to speak, has not written exclamation points. Partly out of shame, partly out of fear of revenge. Only today has he managed to let it go by publishing an iconic “ Fottiti ” directed at Grillo.

It should be recalled that, for the first time in two years, the founder of the 5-Star Movement intervened on the case regarding his son, and he did so two days after the release of an investigation by the judiciary has riguardatu story of the girl, and four days after the 'last journey of humanity Baptist. The video, which lasted just over a minute and a half, is entitled "Journalists or Judges?" Gossips claim the existence of an earlier version of the video, much shorter, rejected by the guarantor of the Movement. In this first version, Grillo would have simply said " There's a videoooo, go see it, you can clearly see he's looking for it!" “. But the exposure and the lights weren’t right, so he did it again.

According to the Genoese comedian (and also according to his wife), there is a video that would show the innocence of the son, in which the naked boy with the pea in his hand would be seen saying “ Do you see him? With this I programmed the Rousseau platform! “. Another element in defense of Ciro Grillo would be, also according to the five-star head, the passage of time between the fact and the complaint. Eight days . Too much, according to Beppe Grillo. A statement, lastly, that not all M5S supporters seem to have digested.

And so, exactly eight days after the publication of the video, Francesco Miceli, nicknamed on the Frachiapp88 meetup, wrote on his blog such an vulgar insult that he could become the leader of a new political movement: “ Grillo, vai a fuck you . ” A heavy statement, if we consider that the previous posts were: " Maximum nine seats in parliament ", " With animal rights activists, against the stampede on New Year's Eve " and " Casaleggio no knows Ctrl + Alt + Delete ”.

Francis hesitated, resisted for days (eight, in fact), after which he said he exploded. " I could have fucked him up after a few hours – he says – but he was afraid of being thrown out of the encounter, where the poop was shot, yes, but not so big ."

It is safe to say that, after the birth of the #metoo Movement in 2017, this small gesture could represent a brick on which to found a new renaissance movement of the grill, with the hypothetical motto “ Say it right away, without shame ”that spurs pentastars don’t wait to signal if someone is throwing shit.

Mattia F. Pappalardo

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