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Confindustria welcomes Christmas Saturday and proposes to make it final

Rome (Draghi Spa) – A few days before Christmas, a new assembly of Confindustria warmed up the headquarters of the Capital, in Viale dell'Astronomia civico number 30, and 31, and 32, and 33, and 34, and 35 and so on. ad libitum. After the extraordinary meeting in May which led to a final solution for the dead at work, this time the leitmotif of the assembly was the quintessential holiday: Christmas . The other topics of the meeting were: the joy of staying at home instead of billing (or playing golf), the excitement of spending time with your family instead of the three dancers you meet in a meeting. of business, the mockery of fallen philanthropists. .

" Enough of this party idea, " said Adrian Veidt , a billionaire with a passion for ancient Greece, said, "Our subordinates will learn to understand the importance of turnover around the clock, seven days a week. , every year of his life! I have noticed that some multinationals, in recent years, have already pursued this idea of ​​mine, but even they continue to encourage the bad habit of the Christmas holiday, Boxing Day, New Year, Easter, August 15th. That’s how generations of thugs grow up, and then they don’t complain if the Russians want to annihilate them because they’re more pragmatic. These are the kind of mistakes that then lead me to launch giant squid over Manhattan . ”

"I agree", has confirmed Grimilde, sovereign without a name was unknown, some obsessionata by its beauty, "and then we must say: strong work is more like before. Entrust a simple task to an outside collaborator and that will bring you one thing to another and you will be forced to eliminate… the fire for a just cause. And they even complain about you throwing them in the dungeon and then you forget about them, amazing!

But on the real topic of the evening, all the participants in the extraordinary meeting of Confindustria gave the impression of agreement. " Christmas on Saturday, " said Lex Luthor , a billionaire with a disdainful hatred of tights, " is a good idea." Both for our employees and for us. Suddenly, we eliminated a holiday by inserting it into another holiday (for some). And December 26th, which we entrepreneurs don’t even understand why it’s a holiday, is excellent Sunday. I propose to call the one we know and confirm that from this year and forever Christmas will be Saturday and 26 will be Sunday. And he that saw it saw it .

A great cry of joy came from all the members of Confindustria, even those who for the duration of the assembly did not stop for a moment to whip the workers who are here by pure chance .

" Easter also comes on Sundays. Why not do this even with Christmas? Then Luthor asked, still galvanized. ” So in reality we can do as in Japan that December 25th is a very normal day and they go to school and work. The height of his Christmas celebration culminates in KFC, for no logical reason. But they do it to manage the multinational economy. Long live Japan. Long live Christmas on Saturday. Abandon Superman, ”shouted the billionaire. "Abbandu Superman", said all present, including the tycoon benefactor Bruce Wayne.

Davide Paolino

Confindustria ’s article applauds Saturday Christmas and proposes to make it final coming from Lercio .

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The Confindustria article welcomes Christmas Saturday and proposes to make it definitive comes from Latest News .

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