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The protester continues with the work and calls for the No Super Mega Ultra Green Pass procession

Rome – A few days ago, the Green Pass was split into Super Green Pass, the certificate for those who are vaccinated, and Green Pass Standard for those who have only a negative result with the tampon. And the extent of the manifestations of opposites to what is defined is also growing, evoking macabre memories, “Pass”.
After dozens of clashes, and as many cities as possible to express their dissent, Nunzio Criticò, NGP (No Green Pass) of the first hour, said that he was tired of taking to the streets together with hundreds of people against measures of the current government and therefore. decided to call a new march against all those who will be the next green certificates for sure.

A second-year student of Holistic Ayurvedic Political Sociology, Nunzio says she is ready for an unprecedented type of large-scale event in which she can crack down on anti-covid rules that are not even in place. "In the procession I have in mind – he adds – everyone can participate because he is not partisan, apolitical, apocryphal and without aborted fetuses. Most importantly, it won’t be funded by multinational drug companies that keep us under wraps when they play checkers… Is that what they say? “. Heavy statement, which he uttered in front of our cameras while listening to pick up an illegal substance but approved by a guy on the street.

In the square that will host the new avant-garde event, among others will be: Piero Monaci, family doctor opposed to ultra-sensitive vaccines and condoms; Amanda Proclami, an aspiring entrepreneur who, because of the green pass, cannot pay her imaginary employees; Massimo Fricazzi, opposed to Covid and AIDS but in favor of dengue and Ebola. Dr. Montanari will be the moderator of the mixer Enrico Montesano, while the aperitif will be curated by Eleonora Brigliadori.

The organizer clarifies: “ We are working to get regular clearances and avoid seeing the police disperse, like last time , using lung fans on us. "Finally, perhaps out of zeal, he asked the municipality of Rome to attend a mobile intensive. care unit in the procession, because Covid doesn't happen, but if he does…

Mattia F. Pappalardo

The Protestant article continues with work and the No Super Mega Ultra Green Pass parade comes from Lercio .

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The article The protester continues with the work and calls for the procession No Super Mega Ultra Green Pass comes from Latest News .

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