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“Don’t use a slap on the ass”: she denounced the midwife who makes children cry with Siani’s jokes

DEER (EC) – The season Riccardo jokers, et quelques jours point was the médecin-chef de clinique obstétrique in the "Clinic" of deer, a little village of one thousand plus de âmes because les Alpes Casertes . Since then, however, the Clinic has lost its referral obstetrician, reported for child but very minor ill-treatment.

Buontemponi – explains the Health Director Pamelo Cinquantennifor years, unbeknownst to us, he has been behaving in an ethically wrong way: instead of slapping his ass harmlessly, to make babies cry , he told him jokes about Alessandro Siani. When the veil of silence that had protected him so far was torn off, it was immediately reported to the Public Authority and, of course, reported to the relevant Medical Disciplinary Commission ”.

According to what has been learned, Buontemponi risks being banned by the Order of Physicians and being referred to the Newborn Court in The Hague , where he could be tried for crimes against inhumanity. " The drop that untied the camel – explains a nurse who prefers to remain anonymous – was the birth of last week: the doctor had just returned to see the cinepanettone" Who framed Santa Claus? " and he used the line – so to speak“I’m going back from Santa to Santa Fucker! "She desperately cried for her two twins, who were also trying to find her mother ."

But there are several episodes that have emerged in recent days from investigator investigations. Cases of children who, subjected to those traumas, continued to cry continuously for hours, days, in one case for 28 years. " As a child, I'm sorry, Vincenzino has now grown up, being analyzed by a colleague of mine, and the tears have not cried since, as soon as he was born, Buontemponi told him the joke: A bald man enters a Neapolitan pharmacy:" Dr. I'm losing my hair, what should I do? ».
"You're going to go, because I just ran away from the broom!"
An adult can feel and endure all this pain, try to continue, but a newborn can be tragically marked, ”says MD, Buontemponi’s assistant, one of the first to point out the unconventional methods of primary care.

Some, however, have doubts about the tearful effects of Siani’s jokes which, yes, crude and contemptuous as they may be, should not be understood by a man who is just in the light. These questions are answered in the words of Lucrezio Maria Punteruolo , a childhood neurologist who specializes in the psychology of the first 43 seconds of life: “ It is true that children do not fully understand the meaning of a joke, but the jokes of the Siani stimulate those strings of the soul which you do not hesitate to define as primitive, ancestral, the reptilian deer, the oldest part of the brain, the one related to irrational, destructive, self-destructive impulses and that think only of 'O. pears and mosses, in short, ”explains the scientist. “Have you ever heard of one of those Sonia cells? A disjointed tangle of guttural, simic, intricate lingual sounds that almost always ends with " O your Brother!" '. They’re not kidding, they’re asking for help and the kids are sensitive . ”

Meanwhile, while waiting for clarification, the only obstetrics division available in the country is closed and closed so who knows how long. The hospital decided to raise all the women in line who were in labor – from the administration of oxytocin, the promotion of birth, the use of scissors – and demanded a sacrifice of patience from the population. " Obstetrics will be back in action as soon as possible, " he said. And it seems that the citizens have accepted the message. " Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Stefano Pisani

The article "A s'appoghja at culottu" is Lercio midwife makes my children with jokes of Siani .

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The article "Don't use a slap on the ass": she denounced the midwife who makes children cry with Siani's jokes from Ultimi Notizie .

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