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Football, Salvini becomes a fan of Inter and reopens the league

JETTATO (RE) – Until a few hours ago, the biggest football tournament in our country now seemed destined for the obvious victory of an Inter launched in a flight that left no room for recovery for all the pursuers, but to shake. the quiet trust. From Appiano Gentile, unexpected as lightning from the blue and pain like a kick in the balls with the Camperos, came the terrible news: Matteo Salvini has become a Nerazzurri fan.

A devastating surprise for the world of Inter, which sees the inexorable specter of a new May 5, 2002 , but which projects a life-giving ray of hope on all other suitors, to the point that even Colantuono, coach of Salernitana , is late at the moment, 190 points from the top, as soon as he heard the news he said he was very confident of the possibility of joining Simone Inzaghi's team in the standings.
"This has not really taken", has declared, however, the President of the Inter Steven Zhang as you touched vigorously and balls from the Council of Directors ", the passing years to study, work, gains, invests and then in an imponderable sole. The moment an idiot comes and sends everything to hell . ”

But how did Matteo Salvini gain the universally known fame of bad luck , to the point of deserving the honor of a hashtag that returns to trend with frequent regularity? It seems incredible, but only with a tireless work (we know, the use of this word with him has a strange effect) carried out over several years, if not decades.
Here are some examples:
– 2006 World Cup: Salvini applauds for Germany in the semi-finals and for France in the final: Italy wins both matches;
– 2018 World Cup: Salvini applauds Croatia and Modrić and his teammates lose in the final against France.
– September 2018: Salvini goes to Monza to support Ferrari from the pole position. Mercedes wins;
– At 12.12 am on July 16, 2016, rumors of a coup against Erdogan come from Turkey, Salvini writes a tweet in favor of the coup. A few hours later the attempted revolts failed;
– Salvini, after the movements of the American right, decided to subscribe to the service of the social network Parler . A few hours later Parler was removed from the Playstore and Appstore platforms and then also from the Amazon servers on which it was hosted;
– Election USA 2020, Salvini supports Donald Trump with an endorsement mask, in such a sober and discreet way that The Independent newspaper defines him as the mogul’s animator. Trump loses election;
– Election in Chile 2021, Salvini explicitly supports José Antonio Kast, the ultra-conservative and nostalgic homophobic candidate of dictator Pinochet (the one who threw opponents into the ocean to pass the time) and the son of a member of the Nazi party , which in its own right. the environment is very pedigree. His opponent Gabriel Boric wins.

And among the many illustrious victims of the Captain's support (captain of what, then?) Are Jannik Sinner, Federica Pellegrini, Luna Rossa, Apollo 13, the Titanic, the Hindenburg airship and the writer Philip Roth, to whom Salvini he sent them all. This year 's Nobel Prize for Literature will be awarded to Nobel laureates! “. (Editor’s note, the time he forgot to write Di Caprio a note, Leo won the Oscar).
The Prime Minister personally called on Salvini to limit himself as much as possible, if not to completely avoid any wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, so as not to completely compromise an already difficult national situation from almost two years of pandemic.

Mathematicians, economists, philosophers, numerologists, fortune tellers, astrologers (in descending order of credibility) agree for once: the Divine Matthew is one of the few birds with double power: if he is acclaimed for something, he loses; if he acclaims anything, he wins.
According to an investigation by the co-editors of La Verità, Il Tempo , Libero , Il Giornale and Novella 2000 (in ascending order of credibility), in reality, it would only be a diabolical plan by the head of the Northern League to exploit his own power. infamous. just to help cause AC Milan, his real favorite team.
For Il Fatto Quotidiano , however, the acclaim for Milan was just a pantomime to please Berlusconi so that he would not lose his financial support for the League. The current theory is confirmed by the discovery of a sentence recorded in September 1992 (as confirmed by the Carbon-14 analysis) on a wall of the cabinet of the Leoncavallo social center, with a graph that many Forensic graphologists have recognized it with certainty as Salvini, a sentence that says " This year with Darko Pančev in the team there will be no one for everyone. Love her!

Meanwhile, more and more companies are willing to control the secretary of the Northern League to take the side publicly for their direct competitors. For example, Pepsi Cola is preparing an offer of 49 million euros to convince him to say that he has always preferred Coca Cola, and Berlusconi himself has said that he is ready to remove the chestnuts from the fire to the leagues for the umpteenth time. whenever the teddy bear announces worldwide with unified nets: " Next tenant of the Quirinale?" Well, Dragons win easily . ”

Augustu Rasori

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