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Get tips for a TV series on Facebook and die old by reading the comments

Netfli (CS) – He died of natural causes at the age of 97 in his apartment in Netfli – a town in the province of Cosenza – Annunziato Spinoffini , the pensioner who for more than a decade read the comments to his post posted on Facebook in September 2011.

It all started when 87-year-old Spinoffini, intrigued by his nephew's obsessive interest in the television series Breaking Bad , decided to have his nephew open a Facebook account and have his new friends suggest a TV series. in a few days.
" Oh boy, ò he recommended a TV series with counterattacks…… the last one I saw was the one with commissioner Megrè played by Gino Cervi ……." the old man had written on his bulletin board.

The post is immediately flooded with comments and discussions of all kinds on countless and most disparate television series: on their duration, on how the seasons have been grouped, judgments on the pace and intensity of the individual episodes; very bitter encounters that often result in discussions that last for several years, sometimes even with the establishment of a score and cross-selling vendetta outside the social network.

Exasperated but at the same time obsessed with the thought of wanting to read all the comments, Spinoffini had become enslaved by an endless flame. Ten years immersed in reading, outside of the time he risked being crucified in the dining room by his nephew for having stopped criticizing the performance of an actor in the series Breaking Bad.

The lifeless body of the man was found last night by his nephew, whose name is Jessiko and who had lived with him in the same house for years. "It's been five minutes since I've heard him swear in my room, " Jessiko – wearing a yellow lab coat and a gas mask on her forehead – told medical staff who arrived on the scene. in an ambulance that could. only count his death.

Despite the death of Annunziato Spinoffini, who in the meantime has reached the maximum limit of 5000 friends on Facebook, the post is still present on his wall and at all hours of the day and night new comments are added (until to date it is estimated that they are between 25 and 30 million): reports of new series coming out mostly, but also mysterious messages sent by suspicious profiles containing places, dates, times and quantities in grams.

Andrea Canavesi

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