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Ministry of the Interior. Minister Lamorgese returns to office but finds himself busy with a rave party

Viminale (Dance Hall) – Bad surprise this afternoon for Luciana Lamorgese : after a time of burning questions in the House about an unauthorized rave party, the Minister of the Interior, returned to his office at the Viminale , he found her occupied by an unauthorized rave . party .

In recent months, these self-managed musical events have become a real obsession for the minister, so much so that some collaborators have revealed that Viminale’s rave parties are feared on par with jihadist terrorist attacks and mafia attacks. It also appears that Lamorgese had failed to see generators, speakers and tents at the entrance to the Interior Ministry.

Police immediately began the evacuation operation and began investigation into the incident. Investigators examined some advertising posters found around the Viminale, signed by a promoter named DJ Matt.S , who invited all European ravers to participate in the first TeknivIMINal , with the presence of the exclusive Papeete Sound System .

Political reactions were not long in coming. Matteo Renzi , in the Persian Gulf to inaugurate the first headquarters of the Living Arabia , reveals that he is inquiring directly from Prince Mohammad Bin Salman on how the Saudis have solved the problem of abusive rave parties, and also by journalists uncomfortable.

Giorgia Meloni , president of Fratelli d'Italia , dealt with the obvious logical consequences of what happened: “As long as techno music is played in our country, why should I vaccinate my daughter?

But the first to comment on the episode was Matteo Salvini who – probably struck by a premonition – was, immediately after the incident, ready outside the Interior Ministry to make statements. The leader of the League began to shout fervently "Lamorgese must resign !!!" to the small crowd around him, but it was a group of Japanese tourists asking for directions to the Trevi Fountain.

Andrea Michielotto

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