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Victoria forgets home tape to cover her nipples: Måneskin concert canceled

London – Everything was ready to Wembley Stadium for the 'what Måneskin concert. Full place to the point of incredible, plus another 12 million people left out and ready to follow the concert of the century on maxi screens.

The performance of the backing band was just over, a band formed only for the occasion and formed by Ian Paice on drums, John Paul Jones on bass, Jimi Hendrix on guitar and Jim Morrison on vocals (spectacle interrupted by the Police for the usual vice). Morrison to pull out the bird); the four Monteverde boys were about to take the stage when the unexpected happened: Victoria De Angelis realized she had forgotten about the scotch tape at home to cover her nipples. Immediately an expression of panic was stamped on the faces of the band members (except for Thomas Rays who kept his usual cocky expression).

Måneskin, together with the organizers, then reviewed all possible solutions. I immediately ruled out the possibility of playing topless – an option suggested by Jim Morrison – because otherwise it would have been impossible to post photos of the concert on Instagram due to censorship. The possibility of using another roll of scotch tape was also rejected: the Måneskin bassist uses only a particular type of adhesive tape, not irritant, produced in a Danish laboratory. Guitarist Thomas then proposed to the boys in the band to pull their hair out of their chests so they could make two bushes to apply to Victoria's nipples, but the three managed to remedy only a couple of dry hairs, in addition to Ethan Torchio. armpits. A crack seemed to open when a spectator shouted “ Victory, how about putting on a fucking shirt? “But after a few seconds of silence, the man was shocked to death by everyone present, including Jim Morrison.

So to calm the audience Damiano David pushed Jimi Hendrix onto the stage saying “ Daje, do that thing with your teeth, ” but the spectators didn’t like it and started bombarding the Seattle guitarist with rotten food (okay). to say normal English food). In the end Damian decided to take matters into his own hands: the frontman was placed on stage to the roar of the audience and after a short run he launched himself at the spectators, but was grabbed by five horny milfs who they stunned him with blows. of tits and then fuck. To date, there is no news of him.

At that point, without scotch tape for Victoria and without Damian, the organizers couldn’t help but cancel the concert. As a backup, Pink Floyd was called in quickly, who said they were honored to be a stopgap for Måneskin and that they did it in full force for the occasion (there was also Syd Barrett ). A small sop for the public, which, however, did not mitigate the slightest disappointment for the non-performance of the Roman band.

Eddie Settembrini

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