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( . ​yours , is that the situation is degrading into a manure from which only one flower can be born, the smelly one of the fuck you. Between Authentic Imbeciles and Artificial Intelligences, it is inevitable that the interest in a place where the relationship trolls/interlocutors tends exponentially towards infinity, so much so that I'm thinking of getting out of it, at least for a while, considering that the time that I neurotically end up dedicating to that black and smelly hole is, after all, all the time that I take away from you and therefore to a more civilized and reasoned discussion. And even if you, there, often give your best, with incisive and satirical interventions that make me smile every now and then, alleviating the fatigue of daily life, even if from the putrid sewage every now and then add a piece of news, the transformation into a "microblogging" platform – is that what they say? – with very long tweets or threads in which instead of seeking synthesis we abandon ourselves to the lurid temptation of explaining to others how "er monno" is going, seeking the applause of those who think like us, or think they think like us, or think of thinking, is irreversibly disaffecting me, it covers with a pall of leaden disinterest a medium which once, at least, had the lure of forcing one to carry out an expressive search, and was, if only for this reason, destined for the happy few. Few can express themselves with few words, with many words many can aspire to do so… The explicit wars, then, and before that the pandemic, have transformed the platform into a gloomy procession of pretentious know-it-alls with the truth in their pockets, all eager to feed it to you and force it on you by resorting to the revolting pornography of "i bambeeneeh", which, no one really knows why – that is, we know very well! – they are always one's own, and never others'. Every time a scoundrel in utroque posts a photo of "bambeeneeh" on Twitter, a Dostoevsky novel spontaneously combusts: our century is that of the evil of banality, of banality that is incapable of reflecting on evil. On the other hand, no reflection on evil has ever stemmed evil, even if an alarming regularity clearly emerges from these reflections: evil is caused by anyone who wants to impose good… And so, while the logical space for a rational and reasoned comparison, on the other hand the iconic conciseness that the place previously imposed is drowned in the typographical space, making it, if not less toxic, then more usable. Not that this was an unexpected outcome! On the one hand it is quite obvious that between us and one of the richest men on the planet there cannot be many points of contact, apart from those given by the common belonging to humanity and the fact that the man is witty and often raises a smile. I will forever be grateful to him for having put "er Barbetta" away from us, but in terms of objective dynamics, I repeat, I don't see any significant differences. On the other hand, a bit like it would be complicated to argue that a knife can be used to suture, I find it difficult to imagine that an infrastructure set up not to free us, but to control and influence us – because that's what social media is – could, barring happy cases , constitute a great moment of democratic awareness and empowerment – which I have never understood how this translates – of digital proletarians all over the world! The appeal to freedom of thought made by those who have the means to impose their thoughts without too much difficulty sounds vaguely hypocritical, in fact it does not seem to be much more than a marketing element useful for attracting a growing audience – and the intelligence of the man lies in having understood it: the audience of those who don't want others to tell them how to think. However, there is a strong probability that the music does not change, only the player changes. Among the ancillary – but not so much – consequences of this enshittification there is one that I warned you about in time: a place built to repress dissent can only be littered with traps for those who dissent! Apart from the obvious fact that those who dissent, if they do so in a regime with an impoverished democracy, should have every interest in not being tracked – and I wouldn't trust too much in anonymity, my friends, because if things get bad your IP addresses, and a plethora of other location data, could easily be used against you – the fact remains, as old as the world, that any social body – be it a demonstration, a party meeting, or a social network – it can be infiltrated by agents provocateurs with the aim of causing accidents, and one of the most avoidable, but also inevitable, in that highly infiltrable environment that is Twitter is the lawsuit! It is no coincidence that here the need not to fall victim to reprisals by the "filthy respectable scoundrels of the gauche caviar" was highlighted eleven years ago , giving rise to our Dictionary , of which I propose three quick additions today… )

Instead of saying:
Try saying:
I don't give a shit!
I will read it with interest.
The CEO and the president are fighting each other.
The CEO and the president are synergistic.
He doesn't understand shit!
He's a hard worker.
(… continue …)

(… and yes, you will have understood it: with the progressive expansion of my acquaintances, the opportunities to practice my favorite extreme sport have multiplied: euphemism. On the other hand, if the lesson of this post is that we live in a gigantic bubble of hypocrisy, waiting for someone, or rather something, to provide us with the pin to pierce it, the only way forward is, as always, to exploit the strength of the adversary. And since an integral part of this strength is let's make the method our own and use it to our advantage. Do you see other possibilities? I imagine that Valeriuccio sees them: he, astride a tricycle and with a colander on his head, moves a ladle in the war against the world in the name of purity and hardness – of coccia – from yesteryear. But today the problem is different, it is the one mentioned in the previous post. I wish all the best to those who think they are better than me: this reassures me, because I will certainly benefit from the results of their work! In the meantime, excuse me, but I prefer to laugh at it so as not to cry… )

(… which does not mean that every now and then you will get a post like the previous one …)

(… on this occasion I remind you that in two weeks we will be in Rome for the midterm . The first law of thermodidactics relieves me of the burden of explaining to you why your presence today, in addition to always being welcome, is also particularly useful. L The experience made on July 28, 2021 is eloquent, for those who have been able to understand it. Now I'm moving towards the West, and later I'll tell you what we'll talk about on April 13. Get a move on because the room is the same as last time , and in addition to you adorable idiots we will also have the "ruling class" among the public: it is not certain that involving them will be decisive – nothing is – but certainly not involving them hasn't helped us, so far… )

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