I make myself a present

(… the same gift I gave myself ten years ago , for the same reasons, in the same circumstances. Then it was the Donaldians, now they are the pandemics, always scum, always irrelevant. The results will prove it, and this, after all , they know it too. If they were so sure of winning, they would run to put their revered shitty face under this announced victory. if because they have a job. I feel sorry for both cases, but I prefer to devote my attention to something else. An example follows … )

On 21 Jul 2022, at 14:42, Mario Rossi (or Bianchi) <[email protected]> wrote:

Good morning Professor,

My name is Mario Rossi (or Bianchi) and I am a follower [of an important northern city]. I had the opportunity to meet her during the election campaign for [important governor of the North], a few years ago (I'm the guy who offered her a ride to the airport, but obviously she will meet countless faces, and I don't expect her to remember mine).

I disturb you only to thank you for all the work done in recent years, even before arriving in the Senate. Here, today I just wanted to write to you to say thank you, because there are those who, silently (on the blue social toilet there are only as lurkers), had understood since 2012 the lesson that "The Euro is a method of government" (but already there 'execution of Berlusconi and the settlement of loden had made me tremble, and at the time I was on the left), and therefore does not squawk haphazardly.

We are silent, we trust people, we trust you, her, Borghi and Salvini (and your group leaders) and we continue to study, support and fight, disciplined. And, having had to fight undercover, trying to build consensus, get together different people to solve problems, both in the family and at work (I did an internship at the So-and-So agency, and I was even managing to get very lightly tacking one of their projects, obviously remaining under the periscope level, then unfortunately the internship is over), I really appreciate your work, both what you see and what you explain and, above all, what I can guess and everything that still does not I can not even guess.

Thank you.

One last note. In the poem that is life, I find the coincidence of some events of these days amazing: press conference of the Commission of Inquiry into the death of David Rossi, acquittal for the former MPS leaders (but then Bank of Italy …) and the vote yesterday in the Senate. And the words of the prophet come to mind: "We have a bank!".

Thanks for everything, good job

Mario Rossi (or Bianchi)

(… and now I imagine the rabble affected by coloncardia, that strange malformation whereby the colon flows into the left ventricle, in the darkness of their bedrooms, between a roll of paper towels and an overflowing ashtray, in the livid light of the monitor : "What does Bagnai have that I don't have? But then, he wrote this letter …" Even if I had enough imagination, I wouldn't have enough time, and if I had enough time I would dedicate it to something else. The truth , friends whose blood has a color other than red, it is that no one shits you because you do not deserve it, and you do not deserve it because you do not give anything but hatred and gnashing of teeth, in the darkness of your bedrooms. , and we get something in return. Gifts, like this. If you committed yourself, if you were human, if you purged yourself of grillism, which is the fear that what you want to do to your neighbor – fuck him! – will be done to you. I change humanity. So, instead, only contempt … )

(… Dixit itaque Dominus: "Clamor contra Sodomam et Gomorram multiplicatus est, et peccatum eorum aggravatum est nimis. Descendam et videbo utrum clamorem, qui venit ad me, works compleverint an non; sciam". Converteruntque se inde viri et abierunt Sodomam ; Abraham vero adhuc stabat coram Domino. Et appropinquans ait: "Numquid vere perdes iustum cum impio? Si forte fuerint quinquaginta iusti in civitate, vere perdes et non parces loco illi propter quinquaginta iustos, si fuerint in eo? Absit a te, ut rem hanc facias et occidas iustum cum impio, fiatque iustus sicut impius; absit a te. Nonne iudex universae terrae faciet iudicium? ". Dixitque Dominus:" Sodomae quinquaginta iustos in medio civitatis, dimittam omni loco propter eos was invented. " "Ecce coepi loqui ad Dominum meum, cum sim pulvis et cinis. Quid, si forte minus quinquaginta iustis quinque fuerint? Delebis propter quinque universam urbem?". Rursumque locutus est ad eum: “Si forte inventi fuerint ibi quadraginta?”. Ait: “Non percutiam propter quadraginta”. “Ne, quaeso, inquit, indignetur Dominus meus, si loquar. Si forte ibi inventi fuerint triginta? ”. Answer: “Let's not do it, we invented ibi triginta”. “Ecce, ait, coepi loqui ad Dominum meum. Si forte inventi fuerint ibi viginti? ". Dixit: “Non interficiam propter viginti”. “Obsecro, inquit, ne irascatur Dominus meus, si loquar adhuc semel. Si forte inventi fuerint ibi decem? ". Dixit: “Non delebo propter decem”. Abiit Dominus, postquam cessavit loqui to Abraham; et ille reversus est in locum suum …)

(… I have few pretensions: I just need one and I have it. I enjoy seeing you froth in the bubbles of your zero point: go ahead, please! … )

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