The first decade

(… as the educated say, those who say eligible instead of admissible. In reality it is not ten days, but ten years, that is, a decade …)

Exactly ten years ago, on November 16, 2011, I started this blog with this article whose vicissitudes have been narrated to you in this other article . The thesis held, so scandalous that the good ones refused to publish it, only to make it their own four years later with the intellectual honesty you imagine (that is, without the slightest account of who had proposed it in advance: and it wasn't just me !) was that the crisis in which we were then entangled and from which we did not get out was mainly a crisis of private, non-public finance, and in particular of foreign debt, not (necessarily) public. Who was there knows, for those who still don't know maybe it's a bit late, and then now there are other more pressing concerns, I realize …

On the same day two things happened: this and this (for the lazy, those who weigh their fingers, porelli, and do not click on the links: the arrival of Monti and the arrival of austerity).

They have been ten years of debate, indeed, of Debate (we can serenely deny the capital letter to the junk that we have seen and still see around), an archetypal Debate, completely isomorphic to the one in which you are embroiled today. I use "you" because as far as I'm concerned I continue to make the effort, which I was making in 2011, to abstract myself from contingencies and put things into perspective. That effort that in August 2011 allowed me, as a leftist, to understand that the problem of the country was not the use of free time by the then prime minister, and today allows me to analyze the debate trying to avoid errors of the past, first of all that of not defending oneself from "friends", errors in which I see with regret many of you get entangled.

But nothing has changed.

There is not one iota to change than what I and you have written in these ten years (because this blog is a gigantic collective work), your sufferings (all) remain mine, my life is dedicated to you as well as it has always been since I decided that Aristide's repulsive words (some will remember them), in their discrimination between a "high" humanity, entitled to lead, and a "low" humanity, in need of guidance, deserved a response to the height of the offense brought by them to common decency .

Many of you are unable to understand (sorry) that political battles are waged, like all battles that you do not want to lose, by adapting to the terrain and forces of the opponent. I myself cannot spend hours explaining the obvious right now. I have to take the obvious for granted, and in this I abdicate my nature as a teacher (which should not be taken for granted).

There are many things that I too do not understand and many others that I learn every day, my tolerance towards the difficulties of others in reading the current situation is infinite, because I share this difficulty too, like everyone, at all levels.

There is only one thing that I do not tolerate: that those who have been here from the beginning (and it is absolutely not necessary to have been there! Simply, someone has happened …) has not understood not the writings (those, believe me, despite the almost nobody understood their technical obviousness – after all, the good ones took four years! – and I'm sure you will give ample proof of this below), but the writer. Because in these ten years I have offered myself to you in total transparency, sharing every moment of my life with you, answering all your questions, motivating all my tactical and strategic choices, including the most striking . This you should have understood and appreciated. Someone has not really succeeded: sorry, but we understand the reasons. Who does wrong, thinks wrong. The traitors, the lowest, have a clouded mind and a speech clouded by suspicion. I have learned, over the years, and thanks to the dialogue with (some of) you, to understand the anthropological matrix of the tabe that corrodes our democracy, the so-called grillism: the suspicion and mistrust of those who fear being screwed, because they belong to the silent people of the little Dr. Livore who feel legitimized by their own existential failure to pull the package to others, and therefore, quite naturally, are led to suspect that anyone who wants to throw it to them. After all, this is the repugnant root of the anxiety to "disintermediate": not trusting who we have called to represent us.

But the world is complicated, a need for representation and mediation, and those who teach you the opposite simply want to fuck you, as well as those who, in a hallucinated delirium of omnimpotence, see betrayals in every canton (and use them to justify their own, whose matrix is, always, human paucity).

I have never sought your consent as a writer, I am not seeking it as a politician. I was fine where I was, I'm fine where I am, I'll be fine where I am. Whoever is intelligent enough to understand it will also be sufficiently consistent to draw the proper conclusions. Among other things, you are not the one who decides where I will have to stay in the future, but whatever happens will find me ready and wherever I am I will remain what I am and that at almost sixty I certainly cannot expect to stop being.

That's all.

And now I am going to pay dearly for the pleasure that I have allowed myself, and on a day like this I could not help but turn off my mobile phone to spend 25 minutes with you …

This is a machine translation of a post (in Italian) written by Alberto Bagnai and published on Goofynomics at the URL on Tue, 16 Nov 2021 11:32:00 +0000. Some rights reserved under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.