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The idiots and healthcare

I return to a topic so incontrovertible that it is surprising that there are those who find it controversial. Amazement that is tinged with bitter sadness when you realize that those who try to defend the PD's position are people who have not only followed us for a long time, participating in the life of the debate and conducting an experiment in dissemination that remains interesting , but are also mathematically a person literate, from whom therefore you would not expect certain nonsense (because that is what it is, sorry to say). On the contrary! Precisely because man knows mathematics, the fact that he comes up with it in a certain way makes us understand how completely pervaded he is by a livid resentment whose nature I cannot decipher: ideological (I disappointed him by accepting the candidacy with the League ?), human (did I make him miss caresses on the head and kisses on the neck?), politics (I didn't set myself on fire when my party decided to enter the Draghi Government)? It goes without saying that this is one of the many people who have my email address, and perhaps even my telephone number, a person who welcomed me into his home, and who now gossips about me in the ex-blue toilet ( but I always give up).

If there's a problem, maybe men talk about it, right?


We prefer to insinuate, denigrate, defame, in half words, without arguing, relying on the fact that something escapes.

Sadness, disappointment…

Anyway, let's get to the fact, which is a small fact, and it is this:

I think it's obvious to everyone that good Giorgio's insinuation is silly, but I'll clarify for the less experienced. The years considered were with low or very low inflation. This means that "taking inflation into account", in this case, means dividing by an almost constant quantity or in any case whose profile evolves with extreme regularity, and which therefore is not capable of altering the location of the turning point in the dynamics of health spending, which essentially coincides with the advent of Monti and the beginning of the season of austerity.

Only an illiterate person or a troll could ask for such in-depth information, but since we are good-hearted we have no difficulty in providing it.

Above, for those who wish, the nominal data is compared with that of 2015 prices (which, as I was telling you, does not alter the location of the turning point, but possibly accentuates its profile), and below instead it is compared with the one at 1995 prices:

where obviously what the expert eye also deduces from the previous graph appears more evident, i.e. that the growth of total public health spending was slower in real terms than in nominal terms, but we cannot escape the fact firmly recorded in the numbers, i.e. it was the PD that brought us back and kept us behind (the turning point, obviously, remains there: around 2011).

I have to tell the truth: there are also many clear people in the community . However, when stuff like this happens, I wonder if it was worth wasting so much time here. Because, of course, I know that there is a silent majority, the one that I perhaps meet on the street while traveling around the country and whose hand I can shake. But this little minority makes a lot of noise about people who, just to prove me wrong, rape the data to prove the PD right, sincerely, if there wasn't the opportunity to consider it as a psychoanalytic curiosum (the killing of the father?), it would be a discouraging fact, indeed, no, this is not the exact word: the exact word is nauseating, enough to induce a more or less Sartrean sense of nausea.

I would really like to understand why people behave like this, but unfortunately I have other things to do. Those who trust know that what I am doing I am doing in everyone's interest and to the best of my ability (those who do not trust will be able to have as tabulas at #goofy12 the demonstration of the fact that if I had not worked like this the ESM reform would have been ratified in January 2019). However, anyone who doubts my good faith has my most cordial and sincere contempt, to which I don't think I should also add my time, which I cannot give him simply because I don't have any.

(… I owe an answer to Lucia, who instead deserves it. That too will follow: the few who understood the previous post will also understand why I have to dedicate my time to others …)

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