Because the CIA excludes the Russian hand from the Havana syndrome

Because the CIA excludes the Russian hand from the Havana syndrome

According to the CIA, it is unlikely that the "Havana syndrome" is caused by attacks via electromagnetic waves ordered by governments hostile to the United States. But the reconstruction of the agency does not convince everyone. Here because

The CIA, the US intelligence agency specializing in overseas operations, said it found it unlikely that the "Havana syndrome" – a mysterious malaise that has affected hundreds of American diplomats around the world in the past five years – it may have been caused by attacks from a foreign government.


Very little is known about the so-called “Havana syndrome”, as mentioned. Cases have been recorded in Cuba (it all started from the US embassy in Havana), in South America, in Europe and in Asia between 2016 and 2021. The list of disturbances caused includes headache, nausea, balance problems and memory lapses. The causes are not clear, but the United States hypothesizes that electromagnetic waves are at the root of the malaise, directed towards its consular buildings through unidentified devices. Concrete evidence, however, has not been found.

However, the American intelligence services believe that the responsibility for the phenomenon lies with Russia.


According to the results of a study carried out by the CIA and not yet definitive, the majority of the thousand cases of Havana syndrome collected by the US government are due to environmental reasons, situations of extreme stress or undiagnosed medical conditions. The hypothesis of a neurological war campaign carried out against America by some hostile nation is judged unlikely by the agency. However, he specifies how he is continuing to investigate about twenty cases that are still unexplainable.


The tentative conclusions of the CIA study do not appeal to the victims of the syndrome in the first place. And they are not shared by the other American apparatuses. The Department of Defense, which controls the armed forces, and the FBI, the internal intelligence agency, are in fact continuing investigations into possible foreign responsibilities.

Pentagon officials, in particular, are those most convinced of Russia's involvement, emphasizing the country's research into direct-energy weapons.


Microwaves could explain those still unsolved cases of Havana syndrome. A 2020 study by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine pointed to microwaves as the most likely cause of malaise.

The CIA continues to follow the lead, although so far it has not found evidence of such weapon systems or intercepted communications from foreign governments mentioning such devices.


An unnamed CIA official told the New York Times that studies on the Havana syndrome have been complicated by the multitude of government-sponsored reports of health problems or seemingly unexplained symptoms. As a result, the agency found itself examining thousands of cases unrelated to the subject of investigation, making it more difficult for analysts to focus on the malaise in question.


Dario Fabbri, a geopolitical analyst and expert on the United States, had explained to Startmag that the most relevant geopolitical data of the whole affair was not establishing the cause of the malaise, that is, whether it was caused by a weapon or not. How much the fact that the military apparatuses of Washington have accused Moscow itself, despite the fact that neurological weapons – if they are of these – are widespread among the main world powers.

According to Fabbri, "it is no coincidence" that the case of the Havana syndrome is back in the news at this very moment, when a complicated negotiation is underway between the United States and Russia on Ukraine and on enlargement to the east. of NATO.

"The American apparatuses", argued the analyst, "have an interest in making public what they consider a Russian responsibility, and in spreading it in the newspapers, because they fear that the political administration may find an agreement with the Kremlin". And they fear, as a result, that an agreement between Washington and Moscow could jeopardize American dominance over Europe.

“The apparatuses think that Europe is the most important continent in the world, which counts even more than Asia on an economic and cultural level,” he says. "And therefore they fear that, by opening up to Russia, the United States would see their influence and hegemony over Europe threatened, because a Russia disconnected from American containment could make pacts with France, Italy and perhaps even Germany".

The latest updates also bring out the internal divisions of the apparatuses themselves, between a more “guaranteeist” CIA when it comes to Russia and a Pentagon on more rigid positions.

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