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But what pro-Russian attack. The electronic ID card sabotages itself with a fire…

But what pro-Russian attack. The electronic ID card sabotages itself with a fire…

Yellow to the Viminale: the electronic identity card service goes offline. Pro-Russian hackers claim responsibility for the attack but the ministry blames a fire in the fiber cables. The only certainty is that the site still doesn't work about 24 hours after the blackout

For a good part of yesterday it seemed that a new pro-Russian hacker attack on our country (one of the least significant ones in terms of danger, given that they do not allow computer pirates to get their hands on the data, but more impactful on the service offered given that they clog up with millions of inputs the targeted site, sending it offline), had been completed successfully. The target, this time, seemed to be one of the big ones: that part of the Ministry of the Interior site that processes and manages requests relating to the electronic identity card. The grinning and mocking claim also arrived on time, via Telegram, but apparently the pirates who side with Putin and his "special operation" in Ukraine had nothing to do with it…


Several hours after the first malfunctions on the Interior Ministry website, the pro-Russian hacker collective 'No Name' had claimed responsibility for the attack on Telegram, accusing Italy of "providing support to Ukraine" and of having no “independence” from “allies”.


Towards the end of the day, however, the Viminale had its say, with this note at 18:43 . “The electronic identity card services are temporarily unavailable exclusively due to a technical problem in the provision of internet connectivity, caused by the fire that broke out yesterday near the Tiburtina station, which involved fiber optic cables. Technical activities are underway to restore system operation as soon as possible."

Reference is made to the fire documented for example by the Lazio Tgr which broke out more than six hours earlier, around noon, in via Tiburtina. The causes that led to the short circuit are not yet known, at the moment all the checks are being carried out to trace the origin of the fire.

It's not the first time this has happened, they underline from the regional news. “On 11 May a cable caught fire between Piazza Nicosia and Via della Scrofa in the Pantheon area. The fire had repercussions on the work of employees of the ministry of justice. And in the early afternoon the A Spagna metro station was also closed due to the sudden release of smoke from an electoral group. The fire developed due to a malfunction of the device that is used to produce energy outside the station".


At the time of writing, i.e. on the first morning of the next day, the CIE is still not working. Trying, for example, to activate an electronic identity card, you land on this screen with a pop-up not foreseen by the system which prevents you from completing the operation.


As is well known, the government, grappling with the Spid service managers who are demanding some form of remuneration, intends to unify the services, although the road is long and there are many perplexities (as we have already pointed out on several occasions, while operations with the digital identity introduced under the Renzi government can be completed digitally, at most with one's own fingerprint, the electronic identity card requires instead to have a special reader that can recognize it). But all the more reason if the digital identity will be unique, it will first be necessary to make sure that it cannot end up KO for almost two days due to a fire in the Internet cables…

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/innovazione/ma-quale-attacco-filorusso-la-carta-didentita-elettronica-si-sabota-da-se-con-un-incendio/ on Fri, 26 May 2023 07:39:04 +0000.