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Social media crazy about AI, TikTok presents its ChatGpt: Tako. Will it snoop into our data?

Social media crazy about AI, TikTok presents its ChatGpt: Tako. Will it snoop into our data?

More and more social networks invest billions in the development of artificial intelligence. Snap has recently introduced a new algorithm, Meta is at work and TikTok unleashes Tako. Will these AIs snoop better into our data?

Who knows if the name, Tako, was suggested by Silvio Berlusconi to the Chinese of TikTok when, landing for the first time on the platform loved by the very young – but viewed with suspicion by the chancelleries of the West -, he began with a video in which he said that he would have preferred to call the social network "Tik-Tok-Tak". But, joking aside, this Tako from TikTok is a very serious algorithm and not just because it joins the multi-million dollar race to develop the AI ​​of tomorrow in which all the giants of the Web participate.


To inform the world of Tako's existence is the owner of TikTok, ByteDance according to which the algorithm just unleashed should revolutionize the way people search and navigate on the social network which contains billions of very short video clips.

The images available so far show that Tako's icon will be available above the users icon, on top of all others on the right of the screen. Once the chatbot has been selected, it will be possible to converse with the AI. At the moment ByteDance has specified that it is an experimental initiative only in the Philippines and that the answers produced by Tako are not very precise: like all AI, it simply needs data to function well.


And here the topic of suspicions opens up because, it is known, half the world, from the EU to the USA up to some Asian states, prohibits the installation of the app, at least among government employees, on service devices. There are also those who go further by preparing rules that aim for a total ban on private devices for all citizens.

The new data-hungry algorithm risks placing the Chinese platform even more in the crosshairs of Western and non-Western governments, which are wary of the way user information is captured and used.


What is certain is that Snap has also recently made a similar function available and Zuckerberg , the CEO of Meta, has announced to investors that he aims to introduce these digital agents for the billions of users who use his platforms.

The Internet remains a gold mine above all for the data that each of us leaves behind during each navigation: these new artificial intelligences will almost certainly be more intelligent and efficient even in profiling. What happens to our data remains a question that not even ChatGpt and its partners probably know how to answer.

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/innovazione/social-pazzi-per-lia-tiktok-presenta-il-suo-chatgpt-tako-ficcanasera-nei-nostri-dati/ on Fri, 26 May 2023 11:00:10 +0000.