Here’s how Mattarella and Conte will move

Here's how Mattarella and Conte will move

The parallel games of Sergio Mattarella and Giuseppe Conte in the government crisis according to the political notist Francesco Damato

To try to understand the reasons that led the head of state – even at the cost of casting doubts on front-row constitutionalists like Michele Ainis, who wrote in Repubblica about a "crisis in disguise" – to allow the Prime Minister to appearing in the Chambers to verify trust in his government even without resigning, as if he had done so and the President of the Republic had sent him back to Parliament, one should carefully read the quirinalist who deservedly deserves the most. Which is Marzio Breda, used to frequenting the Quirinale as his home.

"The urgent and pandemic-related dossiers will be addressed by the next executive, whatever that may be," Breda wrote. This means, or seems to mean, that at the Quirinale they questioned the opportunity, if not even the legitimacy of the meetings of the Council of Ministers gradually planned by the Prime Minister for urgent matters even after the two ministers left the government. renziane.

The Head of State therefore decided to avoid an anomalous practice of government – in a legislature that thrives on anomalies from the beginning – by accepting another of a different type. Which is that of a Prime Minister who loses a piece of his ministerial structure and majority and, wanting to "parliamentarize" the crisis, as they say and are invoked from all sides, presents himself to the Chambers without resigning and without having been sent back, I repeat , by the President of the Republic. And this to verify, at this point, not if he still has the alignment formed around him in 2019 but if he has a majority and that's it, even different from the original one thanks to the so-called "managers". Who, originally from the opposite side, now want to be called " builders " to recognize themselves and be recognized among those hoped for by the head of state in the New Year's message, as opposed to the demolitioners, or scrappers. And here the thought immediately goes to Matteo Renzi, even if the former premier, now leader of Italia viva, or " Italy virus ", as they tease in the Fatto Quotidiano , does not miss an opportunity to appreciate the President of the Republic and claim to move he too in his wake. A revived Humphrey Bogart would say, instead of the press, that it's politics, baby.

In logical theory, much theory, the postponement of "urgent dossiers" to the "next executive, whatever it may be", would presuppose the belief, fear and anything else of the head of state that Conte will not be able to overcome the bet he wanted do on numbers, especially in the Senate, where the Renzians are or were decisive on paper to make one side or the other prevail. If beaten, the prime minister would come out of the game of the crisis, this time to be compulsorily opened. And it would open the way for a really "next" government, short or long-term, whether it be electoral or not.

However, if Conte were not beaten in the test of strength sought so stubbornly, the head of state would find himself facing a trustworthy government, albeit by a different majority from that obtained a year and a half ago, after the break with the Lega di Matteo. Salvini. And a trustworthy government, albeit with a varied majority, would hardly resign. On the contrary, the Prime Minister would have the logical right to proceed with a reshuffle to replace the two former Renzian ministers and also make other changes to satisfy the new part of the majority. In short, it would pass without discontinuity, to use a term raised against Conte by the Democratic Party in the previous crisis and then withdrawn, by a Conte government and enough to a Conte-Mastella government, or rather "lady Mastella", as Renzi sarcastically said preparing the crisis that failed to formally open.

Clemente Mastella, the outgoing mayor of Benevento, where "half the Democratic Party and 5 Stars", as he himself says, want to take away the leadership of the city, is the first media beneficiary, so to speak, of this crisis-not crisis, submerged or in incognito. He personally and publicly encouraged and assisted his wife Sandra Lonardo to get out of Forza Italia and the center-right and to actually transit towards the Contian majority, collecting and developing family traditions, all practiced for the "love" of Italy and politics, according to the statements made in recent days by the former spokesman of Ciriaco De Mita, former Minister of Labor of Silvio Berlusconi, former Minister of Justice of Romano Prodi, former attendant of Francesco Cossiga at the helm of the emulators of the "beggars of Valmy". Which in 1998 allowed the formation of the first government of Massimo D'Alema. For now he has managed, this season, to re-scale the front pages of the newspapers by re-evaluating the "Vietcong" and claiming "the dignity of lovers".

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