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How the center-right wants to conquer Rome with Michetti

How the center-right wants to conquer Rome with Michetti

Moves and objectives of the center-right in Rome with Michetti and Matone. Paola Sacchi's note

If from the opposite yellow-red front, with Roberto Gualteri (candidate of the Democratic Party, which will have to be sanctioned by the primaries) and the mayor Virginia Raggi, also in the field, seem to respond on the defensive, also pulling out the "green shirts" of the old League North to try to belittle Matteo Salvini, who proposes a future as a “green capital” for Rome, the center-right starts again on Rome united in the attack, with proposals, harsh criticisms but without teasing for political opponents. To which in the evening is added a not very happy joke of Raggi against Vittorio Sgarbi, candidate for councilor for Culture.

On Friday 11 June, on the other hand, there is an almost festive atmosphere and in any case more tranquility at the Temple of Hadrian. Enrico Michetti, who also receives the sympathy of external observers who are not center-right, at the end when he goes out, with a smiling expression but also with a hint of healthy Roman realism like "if a little '", he is photographed among the columns of the Temple.

Perfect place for its somewhat thunderous references to Rome Caput mundi. But, in fact, the man, indeed "the tribune" as they call him, actually has the typical air of one who keeps his feet very much on the ground. The left cannot blame him for a past on the right and therefore that is why they go back to finding the "green shirts" of the former League, which in fact did not exist in Rome.

"Michetti who, how they teased him – remembers a satisfied Giorgia Meloni, leader of FDI, who managed to get her proposal that has long puzzled the allies of Lega and FI – is a professor, one of the most important lawyers administrators of Italy, who founded the 'Gazzetta Amministrativa', one that solves and has solved problems for many mayors ”.

Alongside Michetti, who also had the nomination of Knight of Merit of the Republic, the other big player fielded by the center-right, magistrate Simonetta Matone, a pros-mayor candidate, much desired by the Lega and Forza Italia.

That same Matone who replied with amazement to the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta: "Letta with his controversy on candidate magistrates surprises me: it was he who appointed me head of the Department of Justice Affairs, a role already held by Giovanni Falcone".

Matone only remembers this news without going into the merits of the inevitable controversy over the fact that so far it has certainly been the left that has registered the greatest entry of magistrates into politics.

The forecasts that Michetti give among the observers for sure in the ballot start immediately in the room. A long-time political notist, who has followed many electoral campaigns in Rome as well, as well as parliamentary journalist of the great national private radio RTL, such as Alberto Ciapparoni, invites us not to underestimate Professor Michetti's ability to grasp the media through " capital Radio-Radio ”, where the mayoral candidate has a column.

“Of one thing I feel quite sure: I believe Michetti will reach the ballot”, predicts colleague Ciapparoni. In the background remains the theme of the federation of the center-right government between the Lega and FI, which Salvini then talks about in the afternoon with Silvio Berlusconi.

But in fact in Rome, in the meantime, a greater unity of the center-right has been staged which, as Antonio Tajani says, “when you put in there is always a synthesis”. But now the other crucial appointment is for the candidate in Milan.

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/mondo/come-il-centrodestra-con-michetti-vuole-conquistare-roma/ on Fri, 11 Jun 2021 19:11:05 +0000.