Leonardo, what is said about the Genoa and Taranto plants

Leonardo, what is said about the Genoa and Taranto plants

Facts and prospects for Leonardo's Automation Business Unit (formerly Elsag) in Genoa, and for the plant of Leonardo's Aerostructures division in Taranto

An uncertain future for Leonardo's Automation Business Unit in Genoa, which employs 400 workers out of the 1700 of the Genoese plant.

On 21 April, the employees returned to the streets after the announcement by the former Finmeccanica that it wanted to find an industrial partner for the Automation division in the coming months.

Leonardo's Automation division specializes in logistics systems for baggage sorting at airports and logistics management of parcels.

"Only a year ago the CEO Alessandro Profumo had announced investments in Genoa and declared automation strategic, now they are announcing an operation that aims only to raise cash and that the workers and the city cannot accept" thundered Bruno Manganaro. the secretary of the Genoese Fiom.

The dispute reached the Draghi government table on the day of the strike. The Ligurian deputy Luca Pastorino (LeU) presented a parliamentary question to the Minister of Economic Development Giorgetti, to shed light on the situation of the Business Automation branch.

On 23 April, the representatives of the metalworking unions of CGIL, CISL and UIL and Leonardo's RSU delegates met the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti together with the regional councilor for Economic Development, Andrea Benveduti.

At the end of the meeting, Toti sent a letter to Giorgetti asking for a meeting to clarify the future of Leonardo in Genoa and, in particular, of the Automation Business Unit.

In the meantime, problems also continue for Leonardo's Aerostructures division in Grottaglie. Fiom complains that the use of transfer travelers is not a solution for 1000 expected redundancies.

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At the beginning of March, the group led by Alessandro Profumo expressed its intention to find an industrial partner for the automation division (formerly Elsag) in the coming months, which includes products and above all key resources for the logistics sector.

The Fim Cisl delegate, Marco Longinotti, recalled how "for months our CEO declared to both the political and administrative worlds of Genoa that automation in Genoa would not be touched".

The intention to work alongside a partner would seem to represent the prelude to the sale of the Automation Business Unit.


On 1 November 1998 Elsag SpA was founded with headquarters in Sestri Ponente, Genoa and became a company of the Finmeccanica group now Leonardo.

As La Stampa reminds us, “based on the latest structure of the Leonardo group, approved at the end of December 2018, the so-called Automation is a business unit, which refers to the Electronics division. With 400 employees and a turnover of 150 million euros, it is one of the three souls of the former Finmeccanica in Genoa, together with the new Cybersecurity division and the other functions that always refer to Electronics, but fall within a wider perimeter than the Automation".

It deals with integrated solutions for the management, sorting and tracking of all types of postal items and baggage, using systems developed with 40 years of experience.


After that of 12 March, the workers of Leonardo Genova organized a new strike on 21 April against the announced outsourcing of automation activities.


"We are faced with a myopic and wicked choice that throws a piece of extreme value out of the perimeter of the first Italian industrial group – denounced Stefano Bonazzi, Fiom CGIL delegate – it is a choice that calls into question the entire Genoese plant of Leonardo, one of the most important. We want automation to remain in Leonardo, with investments that give development and work. "


The secretary of the Genoese Fiom, Bruno Manganaro, stressed that “losing this business would be a disaster. We ask for an urgent meeting from the government, shareholder of Leonardo, which must stop this choice of the CEO. It is unacceptable for a company that will receive money with the Recovery fund: it must be stopped ”.


'Leonardo avoid a second Whirlpool and open your eyes. The workers will not give up ”declared Antonio Apa, general secretary of Uilm in Genoa. “Profumo must stop making fun of Fim Fiom Uilm of Genoa, the workers, the institutions, the Parliament, the then Minister Patuanelli and even the Church. In all the offices it cannot pontificate the technological capacity of the industrial structure of the Leonardo site and then deny the positive affirmations made by selling the automation with 400 people and 150 million in turnover ".


"The surprising thing – pointed out Apa – is that the workers produce turnover every day, also in favor of the management team, but they do not receive either lavish liquidations or MBOs, on the contrary, they have to witness unfortunate choices such as divestments of productive activities, and continuous hiring of management groups which, when placed at the head of individual companies, produce disasters. The 700 Leonardo workers are giving two warnings to the CEO: we do not want cyber security to be attacked after automation; if you want to transform automation into a second Whirlpool, take a seat… This time Fim Fiom Uilm and the workers will not give up, we will ask the Prefect to request a meeting with Minister Giorgetti together with the institutions. If there is no sign of rethinking about the sale of automation, it means that we will definitely open up the dance ".


If spirits are agitated in Genoa, the situation is no longer rosy at the Leonardo plant in Grottaglie (Taranto), where the carbon fiber fuselage sections of the Boeing 787 are assembled.

The aerostructures division (which includes the Grottaglie plant) is in fact suffering from the decline in production rates of the Boeing 787 and Atr programs.

So much so that at the beginning of March Leonardo announced 1,000 redundancies for the Aerostructures division. Of these, "500 to be managed with early retirement for workers who will qualify for access to article 4" Fornero law "in the years 2021-2022-2023". The other 500, on the other hand, "will be relocations to plants of other Divisions".

"Since January, the company has been circulating rumors of possible travel to some sites of the Aircraft Division, but to date, in Grottaglie, the tool of travel to reduce the empty job has not yet been used, except for less than 30 workers, of 10 of which within the same Aerostructures Division (Foggia and Pomigliano). In any case, the possible further departure of other workers will not be the resolution of the redundancies present ”, underlined the Fiom Cgil of Taranto.

Fiom added that "the transfers announced in the site meetings, at the Venegono and Caselle sites, currently involve the workers of Grottaglie to a minimum". “The company declares that in Grottaglie there are no professional figures adequate to the requests of the Aircraft Division. It is not admissible that, despite the excellent professionalism present in the plant, Grottaglie is the site of the Aerostructures Division that uses travel less to reduce the work gap ”concluded the union.


But the situation of Leonardo's Taranto plant had also landed on the table of the Draghi government.

On 11 March the deputy Gianpaolo Cassese (M5S) deposited a question addressed to the ministers of economic development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, and of labor and social policies, Andrea Orlando, regarding the initiatives aimed at industrial sustainability of the entire aerostructures division of Leonardo and, in particular, of the Grottaglie site.


Returning instead to Genoa, as we said the deputy Pastorino deposited a parliamentary question to Minister Giorgetti, to shed light on the situation of the Business Automation branch.

"The question is also signed by the Ligurian deputy Edoardo Rixi (Lega), former Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and by the LeU group leader Federico Fornaro," said Pastorino. "It is a path that began last year with my first question in the classroom, now the idea is to do the same, bring this issue so important for Genoa back to the classroom in front of Minister Giorgetti".


“An extra grain for Profumo” underlined Gianni Dragoni on his blog Powers weak . "Giorgetti is a strongman of the League who, through Matteo Salvini, asked for the replacement of Profumo after being sentenced to six years of imprisonment in the first instance for the accounting of derivatives (false accounting, according to the judges) in the financial statements of Mps" .


Finally, the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, also asked Minister Giorgetti for a meeting, after a meeting with the trade union delegations on Friday, which followed the strike on Wednesday.

"We believe that a meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development, with the participation of top management as well as the minister, is appropriate to clarify the industrial and employment prospects of the group in the city of Genoa, with particular reference to the automation business unit", stated Toti .

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