The Kadyrov theorem

The Kadyrov theorem

The Chechen Kadyrov, even more ferocious than the Kremlin, is launching an unprecedented attack on the leaders of the Russian armed forces. The intervention of Francesco Provinciali

While the Ukrainian counter-offensive continues, reclaiming numerous villages, taking Lyman back and breaking through the Kherson front, the chancelleries of the European capitals summon the Russian ambassadors to formalize the non-recognition of the annexations of the self-proclaimed People's Republics of Luhans'k and Donetsk and the regions of Zaporizhzhya and – indeed – Kherson, following the farce of the referendums to which the populations of those territories were called under the threat of arms. “ The people made their choice, a clear choice. There is nothing stronger than the will of millions of people, ” Putin said, opening the ceremony for the signing of the treaties in the Kremlin. Then he asked for a minute of silence for what he called the " heroes" fighting in Ukraine and for the "victims of the terrorist actions in Kyiv": " the inhabitants of Donbass victims of attacks by the Kyiv regime " and all pro-Russians of Ukraine who fought " for their nation ".

" I want them to hear me in Kyiv and in the West: the people who live in Luhans'k, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya are our citizens forever ."

The Tsar continues his infamous 'partial mobilization', in reality increasingly a ferocious war that takes into account atrocities and devastation, real massacres of civilians without regard for women, the elderly and children (according to the Ukrinform agency since the beginning of conflict 416 minors were killed and 784 were injured while 240,000 were deported to Russia and all traces of them have been lost), increasingly full of lies and threats, with the call to arms of the reservists and a movement that overshadows the spectrum of the use of nuclear power. Meanwhile, the nuclear-powered submarine K-329 Belgorod slides into the Arctic seas, 184 meters long, 15 meters wide and with a potential underwater autonomy of 120 days, capable of descending up to a thousand meters and therefore practically uninterceptible.

According to NATO, there is a suspicion that its real mission is to test the Poseidon torpedo missile, capable of launching nuclear warheads at a distance of ten thousand kilometers.

Meanwhile, on the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline (initially attributed to the submarine but so far without evidence), Sweden and Norway are launching an alarm: "The gas leak has not stopped, but has increased", as the television images also report throughout the world.

Meanwhile, the Chechen leader and Putin's lieutenant, Ramzan Kadyrov, accused for years of atrocities and violations of human rights, sanctioned by the US and the EU, comes to the fore. Known for his ferocity and hatred of the West but for this reason blessed by Patriarch Kirill (according to whom " dying in war is equivalent to taking away all sins committed: whoever dies for his homeland goes to heaven "): he, well besides Putin, Medvedev, Lavrov, Peskov and Lukashenko, he represents the frontman of the most intransigent, orthodox and doctrinal wing, even more ferocious and ultimate than the official line of the Kremlin, to the point of becoming an uncomfortable and extremist ally for Moscow.

Kadyrov criticizes the Russian generals so far moved on the field and asks for their removal due to inertia and lack of determination: as proof of his uncompromising and totalitarian position, for a war without humanitarian hesitation, he sends his three younger sons Akhmat, Eli and Adam respectively to the front. of 16, 15 and 14 years.

In reality, Kadyrov makes an unprecedented attack on the regular army and therefore on the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the Chief of Staff Valerij Gerasimov, representing the bulk of the irregular militias together with the hired mercenaries of the Wagner brigade under the command of Evgenij Prigozhin . And it is with him that Kadyrov is weaving a web hostile to Shoigu with the aim of convincing Putin to desauthor him in order to put Aleksej Djumin, governor of Tula and former bodyguard of the Tsar, in his place. By sending his three youngest sons to fight, Kadyrov puts his personal credibility into play, willing to risk a family sacrifice to honor the alliance with Moscow and adhere to the visionary and bloodthirsty sermons of the almighty patriarch Kirill.

But it is his infiltration and convincing maneuvers aimed at the Kremlin to adopt a hard, uncompromising and ruthless line that involves the tactical use of the atomic bomb that are pushing Putin to extreme choices, so as not to be overtaken in terms of brutal and deaf determination.

Kadyrov also plays the card of irony to establish himself as an exponent of the most extremist line: “ By the way, maybe they want to make a film about the terrible Ramzan Kadyrov in Hollywood? I'm ready to play the lead role, ” Kadyrov said according to Tass . With thousands and thousands of followers, self-styled persecuted by Western sanctions, the Chechen leader becomes the reference of all those who – denying any attempt to reach a diplomatic agreement – see in the use of force and in particular in the use of nuclear weapons the only forced choice to continue the war conflict up to the most extreme consequences, playing all out (while from Moscow Putin's spokesman – Dmitry Peskov – hastens to deny the immediacy of this step: " Russia does not intend to take part of the nuclear rhetoric fueled by the Western media ", that is to say that the Russian tactics of procrastination contemplates the blow to the barrel and that to the circle). In the meantime – Kadyrov himself announced on his Telegram channel – the Chechen leader has been awarded the rank of colonel general by Putin: “ I want to share good news with you. The President of Russia conferred on me the rank of colonel general, with decree no. 709 and congratulated me ”.

Meanwhile, terror remains in the background and runs on the edge of threats and unknowns: while the US portrays Putin as a boxer played on the corner of the ring, the Kyiv city council reports that it is supplying the evacuation centers with iodide-based pills. of potassium, in fear of a possible nuclear attack on the Ukrainian capital. And iodine tablets are beginning to be talked about – quietly – even outside the borders of the country.

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