The polino of Renzi and Calenda just wants to cripple the center-right

The polino of Renzi and Calenda just wants to cripple the center-right

Here are the objectives – implicit and explicit – of the center pole set up by Renzi and Calenda. Paola Sacchi's note

Third pole to try to stop the center-right, with a clear advantage in all the polls, nail it to that "non-victory" necessary for a Draghi bis government. The small town of Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda, in search of the "square" to unite, beyond the "reformist" distinctions, disputes, splits (Renzi), agreements made and then undone (Calenda), programs on some clearly different points as on taxes, with the Democratic Party, from which it comes, it has a common objective: to stop the center-right. We will see on the following formulas. And, in any case, as a former DC historian like Guido Bodrato clearly observes in a tweet, in a system that has remained essentially bipolar, majority, where attempts to return to the proportional system have failed, a third pole "can only choose who to lose".

It is no coincidence that the vice president of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani, defines Renzi and Calenda as the “banks of the Democratic Party”. The one against Renzi and Calenda is liquidated as a "useless vote", it clearly rejects the attempt of the third pole to present itself as the "moderates": "The liberal, pro-European, Atlantic, guarantor center is us of Forza Italia, heirs of the electorate of the DC and of Craxi's socialism ".

Apart from the substratum of a culture or left-wing DC then Pd or Pd, a Ztl trend, the confused "soap opera" of the third pole, however, started during the electoral match in progress, between one twist and another, is based however on a clear premise that reunites the "subcontractors" to the Democratic Party. That is, the substantial rejection of alternation in this political framework. Declined in different ways, more alarmist or not, but which converges in the same conviction, in the name of an old reflex of "superiority": the center-right would not be suitable to govern. It would not be even more so with the Brothers of Italy as the first party according to the polls, or the right of the center-right where the so-called "moderates" would be crushed.

But, having failed the attempt of the proportional, failed the attempts to create unlikely majorities "Ursula" in the Italian style, with the gregarious FI against nature of the Democratic Party, or perhaps emptied from the small center of Iv and Action, in short, the train of the desires at the table of the center left, only the usual cumbersome maneuvers remain. But now they are moving from the Palazzo to the battlefield of the Italians' consensus.

Letta, left alone with + Europe and the inconvenient alliance with the radical and environmentalist left of Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli, even against NATO enlargement, attacks Giorgia Meloni, president of Fratelli d'Italia, head on, with tones above the lines. The so-called Atlantic bipolarism, designed by the media, with civil recognition among opponents, is going to be blessed. He is put to the test by the lunge of the leader of the Democratic Party in Meloni: "He is trying to change his image, to powder himself, but it seems to me a very delicate position, if the reference points are Orban and Vox". The response of the president of FdI lasts: “We do not accept lessons from those who set themselves up as champions of Atlanticism but then make pacts with the nostalgic radical left of the USSR. We don't need powder, while you wouldn't be able to cover your contradictions even with putty ".

Meanwhile, in a climate of accusations by Emma Bonino, the first unitary candidate of + Europe and the Democratic Party is presented to Calenda: the economist Carlo Cottarelli, former prime minister in charge in 2018. Letta's attempt to cover himself on the side of the center after the patatrac of the agreement with Calenda.

The center-right continues to hit the button on the program. Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini respond to criticism from the left on the flat tax. "On the contrary, the flat tax (23 per cent for FI) increases revenues and the economy", explains Berlusconi who also talks about his possible candidacy for the Senate and defends Meloni defining it "suitable to lead the government".

The leader of the League recalls: “Today 1.9 million workers (per VAT number) already use the Flat Tax at a maximum of 15%. In 2021, 549,500 new VAT numbers opened in Italy, of which almost half were young people under 35 ”. “Of these new workers, 239,000 (43%) have chosen the Flat Tax. The numbers shut up Letta ”, Salvini says.

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