Twitter extends Spaces to challenge Clubhouse

Twitter extends Spaces to challenge Clubhouse

Twitter extends Spaces to anyone with more than 600 followers, the audio function as a Clubhouse and adds a plan to monetize with "admission tickets"

Clubhouse-style audio lounges are coming to Twitter in large scale.

After a long test phase, Twitter has extended the ability to start a live audio conversation on Spaces to anyone with more than 600 followers.

Users with a certain following will therefore be able to create their own rooms, both from Android and iOS devices, and entertain participants in the same way that has contributed to the success of Clubhouse. The voice-only app launched in April 2020, currently remains invitation-only and only on iOS.

The new feature will play a key role in Twitter's ambitious goal of increasing its daily active user base to 315 million by the end of 2023.

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The company led by Jack Dorsey began testing Spaces in November 2020 with a limited number of users. But yesterday it began rolling out the feature globally to iOS and Android Twitter users who have 600 or more followers.

With Spaces you can create thematic rooms, in which anyone can participate, regardless of the number of followers, even in an interactive way, speaking once you have "raised your hand" and the organizer has passed the word. Much like the Clubhouse, you will be able to see who is in the room and follow them, if not already done, while at the moment there is no real schedule to check, even if something similar should arrive soon.

Furthermore, it will be possible to manage the conduction of a Spaces together with others, to facilitate their moderation and Twitter will also introduce subtitles in real time, so that conversations can be followed by anyone.


Clubhouse at the moment remains by invitation only and available exclusively on iPhone and iPad even if in the last hours the developers have officially released the beta version for Android, albeit for a select few. A large-scale announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

The two platforms, it seems, could soon be head to head in terms of feature set, Techcrunch highlights.


But while Clubhouse recently launched an in-app donation feature as a means to support favorite creators, Twitter will soon introduce a more traditional means of generating revenue from live events: ticket sales.

An awaited novelty is in fact the 'ticketing' that is the possibility for the creators of sound rooms to set an entrance price. The conductors will be able to decide the cost of the virtual tickets necessary to participate in the conversations. Twitter will retain a small commission on the price of the single ticket, at no additional cost to the public.


Spaces is one of the earliest competitors in a rapidly growing market for live, audio-only conversations. This technology drew attention last year from Clubhouse, a start-up that quickly gained popularity among venture capitalists. ( Here the in-depth analysis of Start on ClubHouse, who imitates it and who would like to buy it ).

Last month Facebook announced its plans to create this type of functionality for its platforms and Telegram also introduced a new feature called Voice Chat 2.0 within its Android app. This is the ability to open and join audio conversations, just like on Clubhouse. Spotify recently bought Betty Labs, which makes a sports-focused live audio app.


All this competition brings Clubhouse down. According to data from March 2021 from analytics firm Statista, the platform's downloads would have dropped by almost 70% (exactly 69.4%), going from over 9 million in February to less than three million in March.

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