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What Draghi will not do (according to Draghi and Casini)

What Draghi will not do (according to Draghi and Casini)

All Casini's predictions on Draghi's future and the Prime Minister's thoughts on his future. The Scratches of Damato

Listen to what Senator Pier Ferdinando Casini said of the Prime Minister at the Espresso on Sunday. Who despite his "only" 66 years, which turned out last December, is among the most veterans of Parliament, having landed in the House in 1983 to become its president in 2001. "The mythology of Draghi in recent months – has verbatim stated – it risks being directly proportional to demolition in the near future ”, specifying that this“ is not good ”.

“I don't value the person. I foresee the routes, which unfortunately are these. Monti was mythologized and then unjustly demonized. The same thing happened to Renzi: from the altars to the dust. Typical, ”added Casini.

Since I have known him for a lifetime – having amicably frequented him even before he became a deputy, when as a young national councilor of the DC he enjoyed telling me about the current meetings in which he participated, formidably miming the then party secretary Flaminio Piccoli who got nervous about his critical remarks – I assure you that the negative prediction of the Senator of Bologna on Draghi's political future does not arise from the contribution that the Prime Minister may have made, willy-nilly, to the last-minute failure of Casini's candidacy for the Quirinale.

I assure you even if Pier Ferdinando – Pierferdy for friends and Pierfurby for less friends – may have lent himself to some suspicion of the kind, defining in the same interview with the Espresso "a distraction" the one had by Draghi in the recent race to the Quirinale, booking there in somehow with that image of the "grandfather at the disposal" of the community assigned in the press conference at the end of the year, 2021. That "availability" ended up conflicting with the candidacies, although so different in style, as well as in a political sense, of Silvio Berlusconi and Casini in fact: the first is as invasive, between the leaders of the center-right and promotional calls from my friend Vittorio Sgarbi to parliamentarians of all colors and sexes, as the second is discreet. Which sank into a long silence, although very active – as always, after all – in personal contacts.

From that "distraction", however, Casini acquitted Draghi, acknowledging that he immediately took over the leadership and fate of the government, putting it back on the right path of the emergencies which have increased in the country, having occurred Putin's war on Ukraine with all the implications also of internal politics. It is evident that the clear, strong Atlanticism of the Prime Minister, anti-Putinian and pro-Ukrainian, is experienced with a certain suffering in the majority. Where, in particular, that somewhat "sovereign" assonance between the grillino Giuseppe Conte and the Northern League player Matteo Salvini, sensationally shipwrecked in the summer of 2019 in the Senate hall, has been recomposed a bit. Where Conte as prime minister spoke of Salvini, who sat next to him as vice president and interior minister, as a prosecutor of his accused. They are the games, the jokes, the devilry, the whims, as you want to call them, of politics.

The beauty is – of the things Casini said about the prime minister in office – that Draghi showed he was fully aware of it in an interview that was published at the same time in Corriere della Sera . Where he said – despite an optimistic vision of government action and the solidity of the majority, urged not to feel in that "straitjacket" that the parties often give the impression of wearing – not even wanting and power " imagine "his future when he has completed the work entrusted to him by the President of the Republic, and confirmed to him with the confidence of the Chambers, that is, until the ordinary or anticipated conclusion of the legislature that began in 2018. – confessed Draghi – more difficult and heavier than the one held at the presidency of the European Central Bank.

"The presidents of the Council should all be elected", not nominated outside Parliament and parties as happened to them in "emergency" conditions, said Draghi. Would you like to be elected ?, then asked the editor of the Corriere. And he: "No. It is foreign to my training and my experience. I have a lot of respect for those who engage in politics and I hope that many young people will choose to do so in the next elections, in which I intend to participate as I have always done: as a simple voter ".

In short, Draghi no longer feels he is the grandfather of the Republic. as he has been feared for a few weeks in recent months, imagining him already at the Quirinale, but half Cincinnatus for indifference to power. Even if they are unpleasant and adversaries, they consider him and cunningly represent him in the running for the leadership of NATO.

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