Who is aiming for uranium from Niger

Who is aiming for uranium from Niger

What does the British group Curzon Uranium Trading do to grab uranium from Niger.

Uranium rush in Niger.

While it generally interacts with the Nigerian authorities as part of its uranium procurement contract with the state-owned Sopamin – which collects a share of the volumes extracted from the country's mines -, the British trading group Curzon Uranium Trading is now investing in the exploration aspects. and production. Nick Clarke, the head of his parent company Curzon Resources, recently spoke with government representatives Niamey.

The price of uranium is on the rise, especially as the nuclear industry is increasingly optimistic about its future in the face of global energy needs, and therefore the predatory will of multinationals is growing.

Niger is considered to be one of the richest uranium countries in the world.

However, it suffers from its landlocked area and lack of infrastructure. Several companies are in the process of advanced exploration or development of their uranium projects in the country and a renewed interest in this mineral could revive permit acquisitions.

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