A radiation pandemic amid political pandemonium (Saba)

Can a radiological pandemic be relabeled as a virus?

To whom it may concern

By Marco Saba, Rome, 24 November 2020

Evidence and facts:

1 – WHO: December 31, 2019
Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a group of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, Hubei province. Eventually a new coronavirus was identified.


According to authorities, some patients worked as traders or sellers in the Huanan seafood market. Based on preliminary information provided by the Chinese investigative team, no evidence of significant human-to-human transmission has been reported and no infections by healthcare professionals have been reported.

2 – Below is a photo of the map of Wuhan, China attached. The seafood market is 12km from a uranium product vendor (most Chinese researchers who buy uranium in China buy uranium there): Chushengwei Chemical Co. Ltd.

3 – In February 2020, a document came out claiming that more than 8,000 women were found in Wuhan with excess uranium in their urine samples:

International environment
Volume 135, February 2020, 105391
Association of Negative Birth Outcomes with Prenatal Uranium Exposure: A population-based cohort study

4 – We know that chronic radiation can cause flu-like symptoms:

“When large amounts of radiation are released into the air for a short period of time (such as from a nuclear explosion), it can make people and other living things very sick. Radiation sickness can cause flu-like symptoms , hair loss, skin burns and even death " https://www.hopkinsallchildrens.org/Patients-Families/Health-Library/HealthDocNew/Radiation-Sickness

5 – There is a continuing interest in hiding radiation-related health problems from the population in all nuclear states, including China.

6 – So, I was wondering…. if there is an ongoing radiation pandemic and propaganda, where the standard answer should be … "Radiation can be good for curing COVID!" – how they are still doing with cancer and radiotherapy … And you know what? Here she is:

"Low-dose radiotherapy (LDRT) for COVID-19: Benefits or Risks?" https://ncrponline.org/wp-content/themes/ncrp/PDFs/2020/RADE-20.pdf

7 -…. as this article comes out:

International environment
Volume 145, December 2020, 106107
Emerging Health Risks and Toxicological Mechanisms Underlying Uranium Contamination: Lessons from the Last Two Decades

8 – Two reports on the issue of nuclear waste in the world:

A – The 2019 World Report on Nuclear Waste – Focus Europe.


“How can I do without it? How can I not see what I have in front of my eyes? Two plus two equals four. "

“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes there are five. Sometimes there are three. Sometimes they are all together. You need to try harder. It is not easy to become sane ”.

– George Orwell, 1984 –


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