Michel Barnier: let’s stop immigration to the EU for 5 years. Who tells Letta?

Former EU Brexit chief negotiator and possible French presidential candidate Michel Barnier proposes to stop immigration to France from outside the EU for three to five years. This is to allow the country to buy time to reconsider and adjust its immigration rules. Barnier considers current immigration a danger to France. The "Letter from the rebel generals" has hit the mark.

“There is a risk of an explosion, especially on the issue of immigration. We need to introduce a moratorium on immigration. We must take time to evaluate, monitor and, if necessary, modify our immigration policies, ”the 70-year-old politician told RTL.

"There are links between [immigration flows] and terrorist networks trying to infiltrate," he warned, adding that he does not think all immigrants are terrorists or criminals.

According to Barnier, however, it is necessary to find a national consensus on these issues.

“Migration issues are no small matter. As a politician, I see problems as they are and how citizens experience them, and we need to look for solutions, ”he noted.

According to him, if France initiates these changes, other EU states will join. Barnier also suggested that the European Union should strengthen the security of its external borders in a coordinated way, and wants to start a debate on this issue with other states.

The former Brexit officer stressed that the proposed moratorium on immigration would not apply to EU citizens, students and refugees in the European Union in need of protection and assistance.

Clearly Barnier tries to create for himself a position that allows him to run for the presidential elections supported by the center, lately rather disappointing with the MoDems often crushed on Macron's positions, a sort of ordoliberalism masked with a bit of harmless "Left ZTL" ideas. Barnier has the same political appeal as an icicle and his career is full of ghosts, so we don't know if he will succeed in his mission. At the same time, his move puts Enrico Letta completely out of political play. If not even the French super-Europeanists want open ports, what will the young Letta do now? Will he stamp his feet and clench his fists?

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