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Online trading: here are the most popular strategies for investing in the stock market from home

In recent years, online trading has gained increasing popularity as a way to invest in the stock market from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the advent of technology and the continuous improvement of online trading platforms, investors have in fact the possibility of accessing the financial markets quickly and efficiently, even without being financial experts. However, even for those who work through the so-called personal finance , it is necessary to implement a good strategy to hope to obtain satisfactory results. For this reason, traders are increasingly actively seeking the most popular strategies for investing in the stock market from home .

The first strategies to be implemented are those of common sense, i.e. those which at first glance may appear to be taken for granted but which in the end take on fundamental importance. Among these are: the choice of a certified platform in line with the needs of an investor, the maintenance of an adequate level of training and the implementation of an adequate diversification of the assets and securities included in an investment portfolio. This aspect is very important for containing risk and not concentrating it on just one or two stocks. The investment budget should therefore always be divided with a strategic and prudent approach.

The main strategies used to invest from home in the short term

One of the most used strategies for investing in the stock market from home is trend following , i.e. an attitude based on the idea that stock prices tend to follow a specific trend over time. Investors who follow this strategy try to identify the current trends and take advantage of them by opening positions on the upside or downside based on the direction of the trend. Such a strategy can be managed using technical analysis tools, such as moving averages or momentum indicators, in an attempt to identify possible optimal entry and exit points from various positions. This is obviously a strategy that carries a considerable degree of risk.

Another often chosen strategy is the breakout strategy which focuses on identifying key support and resistance levels. Investors who use it try to find points at which a stock's price breaks through a resistance level or breaks through a significant support level. When this happens they usually then speculate that there may be an acceleration of price movement in the direction of the breakout . Investors in these cases can therefore open positions based on this forecast, but inserting adequate stop losses to limit losses in the event of an unexpected trend reversal.

Another often popular option is day trading , which is a strategy where investors open and close their positions on the same day. This strategy relies on short-term market volatility and may require constant attention to monitoring price movements. Investors using this strategy seek to profit from small price movements by opening numerous trades throughout the day. When this strategy is used in the very short term it is also called scalping .

Finally, a last strategy very often used in the short term is swing trading which consists of an attitude oriented towards larger and medium-term price movements. Investors adopting this strategy seek to identify points where prices undergo a correction or swing within a larger trend. Investors can enter long or short positions based on analysis of price patterns and market conditions in order to profit from short-term price movements.

The main strategies used to invest from home in the long term

Long-term strategies are those that appeal to investors who have the propensity to hold their positions open for an extended period of time usually spanning several years. Long-term investors seek to identify stocks with solid growth potential and maintain them over time, absolutely not relying on short-term fluctuations in the markets. Indeed, this strategy is based on the idea that equity markets tend to generate positive returns over the long term, despite short-term fluctuations. To invest for the long term it is essential to adopt a disciplined approach and manage risk appropriately.

Some essential factors for those who invest in the long term are, for example:

  • Have good planning;
  • Focus on training;
  • Use a trusted platform;
  • Learn to manage risk;
  • Always keep track of the progress.

Good planning consists of a detailed investment plan that takes into account the financial objectives, the investor's risk tolerance and the strategies he intends to adopt. It is also important that a trader who invests in the long term never give up training , as this allows both to learn more about the strategies that can be adopted in the long term, to learn to analyze listed companies to try to understand which ones they can take a higher value over time. In the long run it is also essential to learn how to manage the risk involved (keep calm and follow the strategy even in unproductive moments).

Finally, it is important to keep the performance of your online trading portfolio under control, with the awareness that investments always involve risks and that past results do not guarantee future results. In any case, those who operate in the long term can generally afford to operate with great caution, selecting particularly stable companies and considering allocating only a small part of the budget to emerging groups .

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