Sebastien Cochard: France’s position is not sustainable in the Eurozone

Economist Sebastien Cochard intervenes with Dragoni and Musso in a discussion on Better than Nothing. What is France's position in the euro? Will it be able to stay in the single currency?

According to Cochard no, because Paris is much less equipped than Italy in “Pulling the Belt”, that is, in the austerity policies that Germany imposes on all of Europe. After all, the French are not self-harming as we are, they don't tolerate much self-flagellation, always feeling guilty for something.

However, France has a growing public debt in a foreign currency, namely the Euro. When they will no longer be able to finance it with QE, which we know Weidmann wants to see terminated soon, we will have that Macron's France will be the first candidate for exit from the euro.

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