THE IMMUNI FLOP: that is, digitization is useless if managed by Conte and Speranza (thanks

OFCS.Report conducts a nice analysis about why the Immuni app and all the tracking didn't work, even though the APP itself was quite functional. Indeed, many had pointed out that the design was well done and with a good user interface.

So, as always in marketing, the Italians did a good job. What went wrong then? All the rest…

Let's see from

But the real problem with Immuni is not the app, but the process that is around it and that some enlightened mind has concocted. Every digital innovation, which is not just an IT application, first of all involves a process that involves actors, systems, procedures and functions. In Immuni, much emphasis has been placed on the technological, security, and privacy aspects, but very little on the process that governs digital contact tracing. 

In this process, a fundamental role is played by the Local Health Authorities which, in the face of a positive person in possession of the Immuni app, request the code provided by them and actually activate the procedure of automatic Immuni notifications.

The problem is that often in the aforementioned companies, the staff is not aware of these procedures or, worse, is missing. It is not uncommon to find positive subjects who have reported the use of Immuni and therefore the desire to activate the signal for their contacts, and instead receive a response from the operator such as: "Sir, we don't know what to do with Immuni"!

So she made a beautiful app, but no one thought about how to combine it with the practice of tracking. Basically the developer worked exactly for nothing, due to the superficiality of the government, that is, of Conte and Speranza, who never thought of making it something practical…. Then they complain if tracking is missing. The failure is so evident that they have given up advertising it

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