Last April I explained in perfect solitude (hardly anyone in a superstitious country like Italy has the balls to do CASSANDRA) the catastrophe that was waiting for us and what awaits the state and pensioners who feel so safe!

The 160 debt / GDP figure is now outdated and therefore the ITALTACCHINO is ready to be "COOKED" and mauled and "causally" the "sweet" EU is preparing the reform of the ESM (which had been stopped a year ago) and the Viceroy GUALTIERI IS WORKING TOUGH AND CRIMINALLY TO BRING ITALY TO TROIKA.

But what awaits us:

I am attaching a video that gives an idea of ​​the catastrophe that surrenders us:

Di Siena explains the impact on society very well, but does not adequately explain the CLAWER that ALSO hit state and pensioners, who at the beginning thought they were safe and who were in the initial phase of the CLEARING of the Greek "quail" (such as economy and savings the proportion Italy = Turkey VS Greece = quail is correct) and that in ITALY consequently are the electoral base of the PD and of the "moderates" who think they are safe and this is THE DECISIVE FAULT OF ALTERNATIVE INFORMATION, does not give due emphasis to the fact that once you definitively enter the MES OR RECOVERY FUND MATTATOIO, as happened in Greece, the slaughterhouse will also begin for state and pensioners, who in recent years stupidly and selfishly have FUCKED the catastrophe for SMEs, traders, artisans, etc.

From 2021 it's up to you too "dear", so wake up while you are in time.

160 debt / GDP has been reached and ITALTACCHINO is ready for the strain.

In the parliamentary political landscape few voices (of great competence) raise the cry of alarm on the modification of the MES (the same ones that averted it a year ago), in particular it deserves to hear and RESENT Claudio Borghi

A precise and timely accusation against a serial traitor of Italy and his government of viceroy who wants us AT ALL COSTS TO DELIVER TO THE EU USURERS BASED IN LUXEMBOURG.

The whole of Europe and Italy in particular are SUICIDING each other thanks to the usual PSYCHOTATIC BULLY CALLED GERMANY and who now does not realize that he is acting as an HIDDEN CHINESE war machine for the economic and social destruction of all of Europe, but in this moment the viewfinder is focused on Italy and dear Borghi, perhaps you don't realize that the leaders of your LEGA party perhaps agree with the enemy too! See the Pera, the Giorgetti, etc.

Because the League is the oldest party in Parliament and for decades it has pursued hyper-liberal policies as a friend of Berlusconi without a word and now that there would be barricades in the street against the criminal delirium that the League is experiencing, as Brothers of Italy they make noise in Parliament (but there are "thick walls" on purpose to cushion the protest, as well as with the outside there is the FILTER OF REGIME MEDIA) as they have done for 5 years since the opposition 5 stables, but then BETRAY IN AN IGNOBLE WAY WHEN IT'S TO THEM TO STAY IN THE GREPPIA, but in civil society where are the oceanic demonstrations we see in France, Denmark and Germany with the opposition at the head?

I sincerely hope to be wrong, but if we are experiencing a pre-packaged "theater" between the majority and the opposition, the Greek social and economic slaughterhouse is now a certainty, unless there is a DEMOCRATIC MASS REVOLT, but with the mass media and journalists all lined up PROPAGANDA BATTENTE is HARD!

A SERVING ITALY SHIP WITHOUT NOCCHIER IN GREAT STORM” Dante said 700 years ago, now we are worse, because the NOCCHIER is there, but willfully guide the ship against the rocks on which the EU anthropophages are perched.

In Italy the people are alone and run by traitors, it's time to bring out the attributes!

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