The church opens up to disabled priests and launches paramedics

Vatican City – What is the share of disabled priests exercising their priestly function? If for all employees there is now an obligation to contribute a certain share of disabled people, it seems that this is not the case for the Catholic Church . The investigation stems from a scrupulous report by journalist Fabrizio Topi, who managed to infiltrate the dioceses by pretending to be an altar minister. Topi, to be credible in that role, had to be rejuvenated for 45 years. And in the five years that he has been incognito – and even subjected to many sexual advances – he has managed to uncover one of the best-kept secrets of all time: where does the good wine that priests drink come from. But the real heart of the whole investigation remains the Church’s position toward the disabled.

In Topi’s work, certain testimonies of priests and bishops emerge who have expressed themselves on the issue. There are those, like Don Finizio Pranzava, who believe that those with disabilities are not worthy to spread the word of God and specify: “ But how can a man in a wheelchair sit on the altar and represent the Almighty? If God was near him, He would allow him to get out of His wheelchair and walk as if He were chasing a particularly attractive child.

Other people, such as Don Viniciu Spasso, are very happy to welcome the figure of a disabled priest: "We all remember Pope John Paul II and his illness." His suffering was that of Christ, the one who feels the pain is ever closer to God. Wojtyla himself, when he had to undergo an operation, said: "How many concerns for my legs, I am not Pope for my legs, but for my head, for my positions against women and communists. " .

The Holy See therefore seems to be under pressure because of these controversies: “ There are no absolute preclusions against the priestly ordination of men who do not enjoy perfect physical abilities, we are just looking for a format specially designed for them. “.

Rumors speak of the imminent launch of the parade recited by disabled priests: " A bit like the Olympics, which are the main show and then there are the Paralympics – says Cardinal Casalprandone in preview – at 10 o'clock in the evening there will be Mass said by a normal priest then, at seven in the same evening, the Mass said by a priest with a disability will be celebrated and whoever wants can attend ”.

For the future, some people even speculate on the masses recited by women, but the cardinal flatly refuses: "We will not exaggerate." Where are we going at this rate? A homily recited by dogs?

Sergio Marinelli

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