Not just Chrysants. All the broadsides between the Pd and the center-right

Not just Chrysants. All the broadsides between the Pd and the center-right

The latest controversies between the center-left and center-right on the Crisanti case and beyond. Paola Sacchi's note

If Enrico Letta had planned his entire election campaign against Giorgia Meloni, within the framework of the "Atlantic bipolarism" so celebrated by the media – with him at the head of the center-left pole – and then put to the test on the Pd front by the candidacy of Nicola Fratoianni anti-enlargement NATO, – the new candidate Andrea Crisanti who combines him on his first outing? He puts Matteo Salvini back in the center. He throws a very heavy accusation against the leader of the League. And that is that with him in the government "there would have been 300,000 deaths" from the pandemic. In short, as he reiterates on TV, “a massacre”. And this due to the constant requests to "reopen", the other candidate of the Democratic Party, who has returned to the old red in the lists, the Health Minister Roberto Speranza, leader of Article One, gives him support.

An accusation, however hypothetical, unproven, disproportionate to the tweet in which Salvini had implicitly made a legitimate political criticism of the lockdown theory exposed by the microbiologist in recent months on TV. "Crisanti, candidate with the Democratic Party? Now we understand many things ”, wrote the Northern League leader. But from here to hypothesize that with him in the government, where Salvini has also been, with the exception of the first phase of Covid, there would have been "a massacre", we run.

In all this, Letta, attacked at the same time by Matteo Renzi (“Exit from 2014”), who in turn criticizes Crisanti (“He would lockdown even for a cold”), lashes out against the entire center-right. Indeed, "right" as he always calls it and argues a bit boldly: "Attacks on Chrysantis? The no-vax culture prevails “. The third pole of Renzi and Carlo Calenda is therefore implicitly taken up.

There is nervousness in the Nazarene after the launch of the lists that have seen outside the constitutionalist guaranteeing Stefano Ceccanti and inside the new entry Crisanti. What was supposed to be a more peaceful Atlantic bipolarism, in which Letta had legitimately cultivated the dream of a return to Palazzo Chigi as head of the shipwrecked wide field with the Five Stars, turns for the secretary of the Democratic Party in the dispute with the third pole from a side and with a compact center-right on the other, where we have given ourselves the rule that "whoever gets the most votes" will be proposed as prime minister.

Salvini replies with a few, dry words, when he arrives yesterday afternoon at the Versiliana Festival, full of public, of that people of selfies, militants, voters, to whom the microbiologist in one of his first interviews also gave "hens". Galvanized by the warm welcome of his followers (Claudio Borghi, elected deputy in Tuscany: "Finally together here again"), he tells journalists with calm firmness: "What do I reply to the televirologist Crisanti who said that if I had been in the government there would have been hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths? I do not answer to those who use the dead of Covid as electoral goods ". And he adds that he does not even respond to the "attacks of Letta, Renzi and Calenda".

The leader of the League and all the center-right obviously know well that the more the third pole, a small center of Renzi and Calenda, attacks Letta, after the clash in particular of the IV leader on the candidacies with the Pd leader, the stronger the attempt to subtract votes to the center-right and to Forza Italia in particular. Salvini sets all his two outings yesterday in Tuscany, after Versiliana, Forte dei Marmi, on the reduction of the tax burden with Flat Tax and scrapping of tax bills, urgent interventions for energy with the start of the latest generation nuclear power, stop at Fornero law with the launch of quota 41, security, border control and illegal immigration, and justice reform "for a truly modern country". Emphasize that this will be on top of government measures.

The "program pill" of the social interventions of Silvio Berlusconi, who was hit hard last night by the death at 62 of his historic lawyer and Italian senator Niccolò Ghedini, is dedicated to the justice reform. The Forza Italia leader proposes "non-appealable acquittals from the first degree". He explains: “Citizens have the right not to be persecuted forever. In Italy thousands of people are arrested and tried every year despite being innocent ”. The Cav continues: “The trial is already a penalty, which affects the accused, but also his family, his friends, his work. For this he must not drag himself on forever, in appeals and counter-appeals. When we govern, the sentences of acquittal, of first or second degree, will not be appealable ”. He concludes: “A citizen – once recognized innocent – has the right not to be persecuted forever. Also because persecuting the innocent means leaving the real guilty at liberty ”.

Giorgia Meloni, president of Fratelli d'Italia, meanwhile, focuses on citizenship income: "A total failure despite having an exorbitant cost for the State of about 9 billion euros a year". Attacks: "It failed as an instrument to fight poverty that had to be abolished and instead reached historic highs and failed as an active labor policy measure, given that very few of the citizens' income earners were eventually hired and found decent work ". Claims Meloni: “Brothers of Italy was the only political force that never voted in favor of citizenship income. We believe that a just state does not equate those who can work and those who cannot ”. And "an instrument of protection is needed for those who are not in a position to work: over 60, disabled, families with no income who have dependent minors". He proposes: "But for others what is needed is training and the tools necessary to encourage recruitment".

Meanwhile, the center-right is also grappling with candidacies. Some names of outsiders have already emerged such as Valentina Vezzali, undersecretary of sport and former fencing champion for Forza Italia. For the League "The goal is to confirm itself as the party of mayors, local administrators and young people". Among the new faces – says the League – in addition to the president of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired Mario Barbuto, there are intellectuals such as Professor Giuseppe Valditara and exponents of pragmatic environmentalism such as the president of FareAmbiente Vincenzo Pepe ”. Via Bellerio announces that "there will be no shortage, in the League lists, of representatives of the police, the world of bathing establishments and health care, some great entrepreneurs, sportsmen and publishers".

For FdI the names circulating are those of the former Minister of Economy of the Berlusconi government, Giulio Tremonti, of the former magistrate Carlo Nordio, of the former Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi di Sant'Agata and of the former President of the Senate Marcello Pera . Former Sicilian governor Nello Musumeci should also arrive in Parliament. Former Italian-Brazilian F1 driver Emerson Fittipaldi is already on pole in the South America constituency. But these are rumors, not yet officially confirmed by FdI.

Two different Italies emerge from the programs and candidacies (even if those of the center-right have to be made). In which the “lettizzato” Democratic Party appears more turned to its internal apparatus, to its left-left world. Perhaps, as the editor of the newspaper Augusto Minzolini hypothesized yesterday, to rebuild the wide field with the historic Five Star allies after the elections.

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