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What does former French spy Denécé think about Ukraine, Russia and Turkey

What does former French spy Denécé think about Ukraine, Russia and Turkey

All the theses by Eric Denécé, director of the Center Français de Recherche sur le Renseignement (CF2R), former official at the SGDN, at Atlantico France. The article by Giuseppe Gagliano

Surprise French former spy on Ukraine.

Long interview given by Eric Denécé, director of the Center Français de Recherche sur le Renseignement (CF2R), which he created in 2000, as well as of an economic intelligence consultancy company, to Atlantico France .

Denécé has over the years been an intelligence officer in the Directorate of Evaluation and Strategic Documentation of the General Secretariat of National Defense (SGDN), carried out export sales functions in the armaments industry (Matra Defense), and communications manager (NAVFCO, subsidiary of the Defense Conseil International group).

According to Denécé, for Putin the presence of NATO at his borders represents a serious threat to security that he cannot accept. But instead of reducing the tension, Westerners have only increased it. Too many journalists forget – perhaps not by chance – that electronic surveillance planes have been flying over both Russia and Belarus for a long time now.

What would have happened if the Russians also had a symmetrical strategy in place? That is, if they decide to fly near the American coast?

We also speak – often inappropriately – of the increase in the budget of Russian military spending, forgetting, however, that the American one – points out Eric Denécé – is almost 10 times higher than that of Moscow. So the real question is: who threatens whom?

Despite the enlargement of NATO – underlines Eric Denécé – Russia has kept its nerve at least until now.

Few remember that in early 2019, the Pentagon-funded Rand Corporation published a 350-page report listing the “non-violent” destabilizing actions that can be taken against Russia.

These measures aim to put pressure on its army and economy and destroy its prestige and influence internationally.

As for the so-called spontaneous uprising that occurred in Kazakhstan, Russia reacted by stressing that it would not tolerate a new Orange Revolution.

The Americans tried to exploit this situation to open a second front against Russia, in order to force it to give in to the pressure on the Ukrainian file.

Since 1990, Washington and its relays have funded numerous "civil society representatives" in Kazakhstan , with the aim of bringing the country into Western orbit. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has run around twenty programs in Kazakhstan for 30 years.

But Washington was caught off guard by the CTSO's intervention. In short, the strategic choices of Trump and Biden have pushed Russia into the arms of China. Not without a certain irony, Eric Denécé defined this strategy as senseless.

Finally Eric Denécé wanted to underline how the rapprochement between Moscow and Ankara has as its purpose to divide and weaken NATO, to introduce further uncertainty into the game and it is perfectly successful. This does not mean that Putin supports Erdogan. He's just using it.

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/mondo/che-cosa-pensa-lex-spia-francese-denece-ucraina-russia-e-turchia/ on Wed, 19 Jan 2022 08:49:46 +0000.